Medieval Fortress

Visit the Medieval Fortress also known as Kale near Skopje

Ride the Rails in Macedonia

Macedonia remains one of Europe’s most undiscovered countries, perhaps, in part, because of its limited train network. Domestic services are extremely slow, and only serve a small number of cities. Most travelers ride Macedonian rails when going from Belgrade to capital city Skopje (3 to 5 hours) and Thessaloniki, en route to Istanbul or Athens (a few more hours). These international trains require a reservation that can only be purchased in local stations. The Skopje station staff or those in the Feroturist Travel Agency (located within the station) can help. (And, while there, most definitely allow some time to bargain at the Old Skopje Bazaar.)

Good advice? Consider a Balkan Pass. It remains the simplest way to travel Macedonia—while uncovering its cultural smorgasbord of Albanian, Greek, Mediterranean, Turkish, and Slavic influences.

For more information on Macedonia contact the Macedonia Tourist Board.

Top cities in Macedonia

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