Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Belfast Opera

Opera House in Belfast, Northen Ireland

Northern Ireland Belfast Theater

Northern Ireland Belfast Theater

Northern Ireland Belfast Pub

Man relaxing at a pub in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Belfast City Hall

City Hall in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Belfast Hotels

Hotels in Belfast, Northen Ireland

Ride the Rails in Northern Ireland

There are basically two train lines in Northern Ireland: one links Belfast to Londonderry; the other connects to Dublin in the Republic of Ireland. There’s a few local services around Belfast as well.

Distances and travel times are short (Dublin is just two hours or less away), and service is reliable, frequent and comfortable. It’s worth traveling first class (Comfort or Comfort Flexi), where you can enjoy a light meal served at your seat on the Belfast to Dublin route. The bite isn’t included in the ticket price, but the check is reasonable. On other trains, Standard Class (Economy or Freedom) is perfectly pleasing.

Though the distances are short, the countrysides are stunning. So just sit back, relax, and enjoy the view and some small talk with the friendly locals.

No pass covers Northern Ireland exclusively, so we recommend you go with just a ticket or, if you plan to travel more of Britain, why not consider the convenient BritRail+Ireland Pass. The pass provides unlimited train travel through England, Scotland, and Wales (including Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland). Plus some very nice discounts on eco-friendly ferries. Not to be missed: the magnificent crossing on the Saint George Channel between Britain and Ireland.

For more information on Northern Ireland contact the Ireland Tourist Board.

Top cities in Northern Ireland

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