Dolina Wiercicy

Dolina Wiercicy

Festyn na krakowskim rynku

Kraków's St. Mary's Church

Warszaw Castle Square

Warsaw's Castle Square is a popular meeting place for travelers and locals.

Sukiennice w Krakowie

The beautiful Cloth Hall ( Sukiennice) in Krakow

Poland Warsaw Old Town Market

Old Town Market, Warsaw.

Get on Board in Poland

Traveling by rail in Poland is a very wise choice. Roads are still being developed, and parking in the city? (Don’t ask!) Plus, domestic air flights are few and far between. So, if you want to go beyond Warsaw and experience all that is Poland, most definitely hop on a train.

Intercity, Eurocity, or Express rail services provide efficient city-to-city connections in both first and second class. You can travel from Warsaw to the magnificent city of Krakow in just under three hours. And, these trains are not only fast, but frequent, with hourly service from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Local trains typically offer second class only, so if you’re considering exploring smaller cities, it could be worth some savings to go for a cheaper second-class pass. But, if your destinations include some intercity service, first class is the way to go. When traveling with a rail pass, don’t forget to make reservations before boarding Intercity, Eurocity, or Express trains. When you purchase a ticket with Rail Europe, your reservation is automatically included.

Nice to know: Warsaw is well connected to neighboring countries. Trains run every night between Berlin and Warsaw and offer a high level of service. The Premier compartment is a much-deserved experience, with shower and breakfast included. There are Intercity day services as well; traveling time is about six hours.

For more information on Poland contact the Poland Tourist Board.

Top cities in Poland

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