Serbia & Montenegro

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    Booking Serbia-Montenegro? We respectfully suggest you consider passing: the Balkan Pass.

    Frankly, rail travel in the former Yugoslavia can be a little rustic. Which is why it’s particularly helpful to book now with our handy schedules and instant pricing. We’ve even made it easy to compare city-to-city tickets to the benefits of the Balkan Pass, a very popular option for those traveling the region. So just enter your information to start.

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    You really should take it all in. (We’re talking Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, and Turkey.)

    The Balkan Pass is your best bet for expanded rail travel around Serbia-Montenegro. It gives you unlimited access to the rail networks of the entire Balkan region for more flexible travel. Or choose a pass with even wider range. There’s no better way to see more of Europe for less.

    Don't Forget to Book your Reservations

    In addition to reservations saving you from the disappointment of a sold out train, you can’t actually board this train without one. Even with a rail pass, you’ll still need to purchase a reservation to get on board. So why risk your trip or your peace of mind? Let’s get booking.

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