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    Cortes, Ponce De Leon, and you- the internet explorer who discovers a great deal in Spain.

    From its snowcapped peaks to its Mediterranean ports to its bullrings, Spain rail travel has a great deal to offer. So here’s an offer for a great deal. Simply enter your itinerary and you’ll get the scheduling options and instant pricing that can get you packing. You’ll even be able to compare city-to-city tickets to our popular and more flexible country passes for less scheduled exploration. So let’s book.

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    A lot of famous explorers discovered continents by accident. Here’s your opportunity to visit places intentionally.

    A rail pass gives you unlimited access to the rail networks of the countries you choose. Which opens up affordable opportunities for day trips as well as the flexible touring of additional countries. So take a look around. You know what you’ll definitely discover? The perfect pass for you.

    Wait! Do I need a reservation for my train trip?

    In Spain, reservations are required for all day and night, domestic and international trains. All reservations can be requested within 60 days of your travel date.

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