Sweden Gothenburg Hotels

Enjoy Gothenburg's waterfront.

Sweden Gothenburg Kayaking

Enjoy kayaking in and around Gothenburg.

Sweden Gothenburg Christmas Market

Enjoy Gothenburg's Christmas Village

Sweden Stockholm PanoramaSweden Stockholm Night Life

Cosmopolitan Stockholm at dusk.

Ride the Rails in Sweden

The Swedish rail network follows the geography of the country, and seamlessly links Stockholm with other main cities, including Copenhagen in Denmark. It’s efficient, comfortable, and highly reliable. And very competitive with airline travel times on many routes.

Sweden launched the SJ High-speed train, a hi-speed, tilting train, back in the Nineties. Sure, its name seems to come straight out of an Eighties sci-fi show, but the on-board experience is anything but passé, even in second class. First class is worth the extra, delivering a smooth and classy ride that features breakfast or dinner served at your seat, wi-fi Internet access, and headphones to listen to a selection of classical music (specifically chosen for the SJ High-speed train) from music producer Deutsche Grampphon and other major labels. And, of course, large, plush seats.

And, since you’re in Sweden, why not add a little bit of Copenhagen to your experience? That’s easily done by taking a night train to Malmo. Relax with a movie in the cinema car (shown in English but with Swedish subtitles so you might learn some local language after all), sleep in a comfortable compartment, and have breakfast on-board (included with first class). Refreshed after a good night’s sleep, just jump on a local train and cross the Baltic Sea via the gigantic five-mile long Oresund Bridge. Twenty minutes later, Copenhagen awaits, and another wonderful Scandinavian discovery.

For more information on Sweden contact the Sweden Tourist Board.

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