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Here’s your chance to leave for the peaks of Switzerland knowing you got the best deal for rail travel that you could have. Simply fill in your itinerary, and you’ll be presented with full scheduling options and instant pricing. You can even check out city-to-city tickets and country pass alternatives to help decide your best option.

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How do you improve an already peak experience?

With a rail pass to add flexibility and spontaneity to your travel. Whether you buy one to use all over Switzerland, or choose one to expand your itinerary into surrounding countries. Either way, it’s the most affordable way to see more of what you’re in Europe for.

Wait! Do I need a reservation for my train trip?

Feel free to hop on and off Swiss trains without reservations using your pass. But reservations are required when traveling scenic trains such as the Glacier Express between St Mortiz and Zermatt. (To find out more about Scenic Trains, routes & reservations visit our Scenic Train page.) Reservations are also required on international trains to France and Italy, and on any international overnight train. Reservations are at an additional cost and can be requested within 90 days of your travel date.

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Grand Train Tour of Switzerland

Grand Train Tour of Switzerland

Modern. Efficient. Switzerland’s travel system includes extensive travel options by train, bus and boat. This easy access makes it the perfect way to enjoy the varied sites of Switzerland at your leisure.