You should travel first class in Turkey. But first, lets book that way.

    Turkey is the European gateway to Asia, and probably one of the most exciting and romantic countries in the world. To get the most from your journey, we recommend you purchase a Balkan Pass, which also provides flexible travel in Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Romania. Don’t forget to make your reservations locally. (At this time, Rail Europe doesn’t offer point-to-point tickets for Turkey.)

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    Make sure you get to enjoy your favorite part of Turkey.

    …And Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Romania. The Balkan rail pass will let you do just that, with unlimited travel on those national networks. Not only adding flexibility to your travel plans, but affordability to more sightseeing. The Balkan pass. It puts a big chunk of Eastern Europe on a platter.

    Wait! Do I need a reservation for my train trip?

    Feel free to hop on and off Turkey’s trains without reservations using your pass. Reservations may be possible on some international trains to Istanbul and can be requested within 60 days of your travel date.

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