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    Travel from Finland to Russia in half the time. © Leif Rosnell/VR Group
  • Allegro
    The Allegro train accelerates up to 140 mph. © VR Group
  • Allegro
    The Allegro train traveling through the beautiful countryside. © VR Group

Allegro: From Helsinki to St. Petersburg, the perfect chord.

Now you can go from the “mini” St. Petersburg to the actual St. Petersburg in just 3 ½ hours. That’s the route of the amazing high-speed Allegro from Finland to Russia. Speeds of up to 140 mph have cut travel times from Helsinki to St. Petersburg in half while uniting these two great cities.

These trains to Russia are non-smoking, and offer Internet WiFi and air-conditioning. Each individual seat is equipped with a folding table, adjustable back rest, individual lighting, a socket between the seats for recharging mobile phones and laptops, a place for coats, a footrest, and storage pockets for newspapers and magazines. Choose between roomy First Class leather seating with a snack served at your seat, or family-friendly Second Class that has a children’s playroom in one of its cars. There’s also an eat-in dining car offering drinks, snacks, a
la carte dishes, and a lounge area.

Though Helsinki was built using some of the same architects as St. Petersburg in an effort to copy it, you’ll find these vibrant metropolises have unique flavors all their own. You’ll arrive in downtown St. Petersburg ready to enjoy this birthplace of the revolution. The capital city of Helsinki will be just as welcoming when you arrive in its modern city-center.

It’s true “Allegro” means quick tempo, but don’t let the speed of this train fool you. The memories of this trip will be anything but fleeting.

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Children under age 4 can travel for free on the lap of an adult traveler. If you want your child under age 4 to have their own seat, you need to purchase a ticket for them by selecting “Youth/Child 4-25” and indicating the child is 4 years old.

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