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  • Intercités de Nuit
    Enjoy a comfortable night sleep and wake up ready to go. @ SNCF - Donja Pitsch
  • Intercités de Nuit
    Travel overnight, arrive ready for morning meetings. © SNCF – Donja Pitsh
  • Intercités de Nuit
    Vending machines on Intercités de Nuit have snacks available 24-hours. © SNCF – Donja Pitsh
  • Intercités de Nuit
    Couchettes offer a comfortable rest at an affordable rate. © SNCF – Donja Pitsh
  • Intercités de Nuit
    Stretch yourself and your budget in reclining seats. © SNCF – Donja Pitsh

Leave the City of Lights for your overnight.

Why not see as much of France as you can? That’s the beauty of the Intercités de Nuit overnight. It not only travels at high speed to make the impossible possible, but allows you to spend every moment of prime time daylight enjoying the sites you came to see. And there are so many fabulous destinations it can whisk you to. You can leave Paris at 11:11 pm and arrive in Biarritz for breakfast by the sea. You take the Intercités de Nuit from Toulouse and arrive in Paris at 6:52 am ready to explore. You’ll even have time for the station’s shower should you choose. You can leave Nancy at 9:33 pm and arrive someplace Nice at 8:20 am. Perfect timing for a stroll on the Promenade des Anglais.

Looking for a cooler experience? Leave Paris at night and arrive ready to ski or hike in Briancon the next morning. Wherever you take it, the Intercités de Nuit will get you there relaxed, refreshed and ready to make the most of your day. And if you do find your eyes closed anytime during the day, you’re probably just checking to make sure you’re not dreaming.

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