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    Travel to France's most popular cities aboard SNCF trains. TER train in the countryside - ©Alex Profit/SNCF
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    Traveler on a TER train ©Yann Audic/SNCF
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    Man on board an Intercités train ©Matthieu Raffard/SNCF
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    Travelers in conversation on board an Intercités train ©Matthieu Raffard/SNCF
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    Train staff on board a TER train ©Yann Audic/SNCF

SNCF trains: always going your way in France.

Yes, Paris is magnifique, but savvy travelers know there is much more to France than its renowned capital city. That's why SNCF (Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer), France’s official railway operator, offers a variety of trains and seating options to cater to every need, practically everywhere.

SNCF French trains include the Intercites, perfect for riding the distance in style. Noted for its superior comfort level, it provides longer-distance travel within France and to bordering countries. If you’re looking to make the most of every minute, consider sleeping the night away on a comfy couchette aboard the French night trains also known as Intercites de Nuit. They operate between Paris and Nice, Ventimiglia, Tarbes, or Hendaye. You’ll arrive at your destination rested and ready to see the sites. How about an even more authentic ride with the locals when you travel like one on board a local TER train (Transport Express Regional). Hit the a.m. peak and you’ll be there to parlez-vous with morning commuters. French rail doesn’t get more genuine than that.

In addition, French railways offer you a choice of First and Economy Class travel. Either one will give you a comfortable ride. Of course, you can expect economy class to stretch your budget and be perfect for families. First Class offers plenty of legroom, headroom and elbowroom, as well as the opportunity of cellphone-free quiet cars for maximum relaxation.

The SNCF trains in France. Whatever course you choose, you know it will be delicious.

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