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Trenitalia - Rome at night

1st Class Ticket & Free Tour

Book now a 1st class Trenitalia e-ticket at 2nd class price. Plus, enjoy a "Skip the Line: St Peter’s and Sistine Chapel” guided walking tour free! Offer ends August 4, 2016. Minimum booking is $150. Details on how to receive the free tour will be provided on your confirmation email.

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First class Trenitalia tickets appear as “Comfort” and “Premier” class on the Rail Europe websites.

Bookings that include a first class Trenitalia ticket made from July 7, 2016 through 5:00pm ET on August 4, 2016 will be eligible to receive one free "Skip the Line: St Peter’s and Sistine Chapel” guided walking tour. Free tour offer is also available on other Italian sightseeing tours offered on Rail Europe’s websites. Each booking must be a minimum of $150 and must include at least one first class Trenitalia ticket to be eligible to receive the free tour. Offer is limited to the first 268 bookings or until the promotion’s end date of 5:00 pm ET on August 4, 2016, whichever comes first.

Offer is subject to change or extension without notice at Rail Europe’s sole discretion. No adjustments can be made on prior purchases. Offer is only valid for Trenitalia tickets booked online. Trenitalia reservations are not included in this offer.

The value of the free tour offer is $65 USD or $88 CAD. For tours of a lesser value, a credit will not be offered for the price difference. For tours of a higher value, the price difference must be paid.

After booking your first class Trenitalia e-ticket, travelers must fill out the as designated form instructed in your confirmation email. Once you submit the form, you will receive a coupon code to book your free tour on Rail Europe websites. Total value of the coupon code will include the cost of one free tour + E-ticketing fee for a total value of $75 USD or $100 CAD. Limit one free tour per booking. Coupon code for your Italian tour must be redeemed online by December 4, 2016. 

  • Thello
    Enjoy a restful sleep between Paris and Venice.
  • Thello
    Thello trains are a comfortable way to travel with the whole family.
  • Thello
    Scenic views everywhere you look on-board the Thello.
  • Thello
    International travel has never been easier.
  • Thello
    Sleeping compartments for a restful night.

Thello Trains: A France to Italy Connection.

Thello are international trains that provide both daytime and overnight travel between France and Italy. Travel during the day from Marseille or Nice to Genoa or Milan, or any number of stops in between. Travel overnight between Paris and a host of Italian cities including Milan and Venice.

Travel on Thello day trains in comfortable 1st or 2nd class seats. Or enjoy overnight travel with accommodations that include sleeper compartments and couchette cars to choose from. Sleeping compartments sleep either one, two or three people, 
have in-room washbasins, and include a complimentary continental breakfast served in your compartment or the restaurant car. Compartments are available as men-or-women-only, or you can reserve an entire compartment to fit your travel party needs. Couchette cars feature bathrooms at either end of the car and offer 4 or 
6 berth compartments. Additionally, all travelers will be provided with a wake-up service and morning coffee when requested.

Train accommodations aside, you’ll enjoy Thello's city-center to city-center convenience. So why not join the million-plus who ride these trains and arrive relaxed and refreshed in the city of their dreams the next morning? That’s Thello.

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Children under age 4 can travel for free on the lap of an adult traveler. If you want your child under age 4 to have their own seat, you need to purchase a ticket for them by selecting “Youth/Child 4-25” and indicating the child is 4 years old.

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