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    Le Frecce trains travel to Italy's most popular destinations. © Archivio Audiovisivi Gruppo FS Italiane
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    WiFi and power outlets accessible for charging electronic devices. © Archivio Audiovisivi Gruppo FS Italiane
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    Enjoy breathtaking Italian scenery while traveling to your destination. © Archivio Audiovisivi Gruppo FS Italiane
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    First Class on Trenitalia includes personal service and amenities. © Archivio Audiovisivi Gruppo FS Italiane
  • Trenitalia
    Le Frecce trains travel to Italy's most popular destinations.

Travel Trenitalia rails. And see Italy—and more—by train.

Whether you plan a leisurely journey on Trenialia trains in  Italy from Venice to Tuscany to savor some countryside or Chianti, or want to travel to nearby Switzerland, Austria/Slovenia and Germany, you can hop aboard a Trenitalia train and enjoy its convenience, comfort, and value. Not to mention the speed of Italy trains.

You’ll breeze on Italy's Trenitalia trains from Rome to Florence in a mere ninety minutes or from Milan to Venice in less than three hours. And that means more time to inhale your espresso, marvel at the David, and enjoy the incredible surrounding architecture of St. Mark’s Square.

The Trenitalia’s 150+ trains reach over 200 stations each day, including many port cities in southern Italy. Experience an Italian train ride to Salerno (its historical Old Town is a must-see), and Baria, home to Basillica di San Nicola, founded in 1087. And no southern Italy stop is complete without a pizza-break in Naples.

Enjoy a once in a life-time experience traveling to major cities or small majestic towns on Trenitalia’s long distance Frecciarossa, Frecciargento or Frecciabianca trains. Trenitalia introduced new Frecciarossa1000 trains that provide a whole new experience of high-speed travel reaching destinations such as Naples, Rome, Milan and Turin - with more to come. To find out more information on Trenitalia’s high-speed services click here.

InterCity trains offer numerous advantages that create a modern, bright environment, including renewed interiors, air conditioning, Bar Bistro or Minibar service. Regional trains connect major cities to smaller cities while traveling at a slower pace allowing you to enjoy the sights along the way.

And now Rail Europe offers the same Trenitalia train tickets and fares in North American as are sold in Italy, including access to a vast schedule selection. For your convenience, e-ticketing options are also available.

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