Une journée touristique en Hollande

Découvrez le meilleur des Pays-Bas en une journée avec cette excursion touristique au départ d'Amsterdam ! Visitez la ville de Rotterdam, admirez les célèbres faïences de Delft à Delft, découvrez le siège du gouvernement néerlandais à La Haye et explorez le parc miniature de Madurodam. Votre guide local expérimenté vous racontera des anecdotes et l'histoire des sites que vous visitez et vous montrera d'autres monuments le long du trajet. Cette excursion tornade d'une journée est le meilleur moyen pour couvrir le meilleur des Pays-Bas en peu de temps !

À quoi pouvez-vous vous attendre ?

See Holland in a nutshell at The Hague's Madurodam
See Holland in a nutshell at The Hague's Madurodam

Vous serez pris en charge au centre d'Amsterdam au petit matin, pour votre visite d'une journée complète des principaux sites des Pays-Bas. Tout au long de la journée, votre guide vous racontera des faits, des histoires et des anecdotes intéressantes sur l'histoire, la politique, la culture, les arts et l'architecture des Pays-Bas.
D'abord, vous partirez à bord d'un autocar confortable vers Rotterdam, que vous visiterez en 30 minutes pour admirer l'architecture expérimentale et la collection éclectique de bâtiments qui font la singularité de cette ville. Vous monterez sur la tour panoramique Euromast, haute de 185 mètres, pour profiter d'une vue imprenable sur Rotterdam, le port et ses environs. Vous aurez tout le temps pour profiter du paysage : 1 heure.

Ensuite, vous aurez une visite d'une heure au Royal Delft, l'une des plus célèbres fabriques de poteries bleues de Delft du pays. Vous assisterez à une démonstration pour découvrir la réalisation de ces fameuses faïences bleues et blanches. Au départ une reproduction des porcelaines chinoises, la production des faïences de Delft a commencé au XVIIe siècle. Des centaines d'années plus tard, la production de ces faïences magnifiques et recherchées est toujours élevée. Après votre visite du Royal Delft, vous prendrez une heure pour découvrir la pittoresque ville de Delft, et vous arrêterez pour le déjeuner (à vos frais).
Vous continuerez ensuite votre route jusqu'à La Haye, le siège du gouvernement néerlandais. Vous en apprendrez plus sur l'importance de cette ville historique au cours d'une visite de 30 minutes, au cours de laquelle vous verrez des sites impressionnants et des monuments célèbres, notamment le Parlement.

Enfin, votre dernière visite sera la ville miniature de Madurodam.

Votre visite panoramique bien remplie se terminera au centre d'Amsterdam dans la soirée.

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  • Guide professionnel
  • Billet d'entrée à la Royal Delft
  • Billet d'entrée à l'Euromast à Rotterdam
  • Visite du parc miniature de Madurodam
  • Transport en autocar climatisé
  • Offre spéciale : croisière gratuite de 1 heure sur les canaux d’Amsterdam


  • Pourboires (facultatifs)
  • Nourriture et boissons, sauf mention contraire
  • Service de ramassage et dépôt à l'hôtel

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9 heures 30 minutes

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Avis Clients :

Holly W

June 2017

A fantastic tour to explore a bit more of Holland!


June 2017

this was a wonderful tour. The tour guide was tqalking all the time explaing the different sites etc. When we return, she spent the tiem to talk to every person to ask for feedback and addressed follow-up questions.

Natalie K

June 2017

For a first timer or someone short on time, this is a great introductory tour to Holland. We had a great day, and certainly saw more than we would have on our own. The tour is well planned, and even with road closures on our tour day, the driver and guide expertly revised the route to ensure we still hit the planned attractions. The three stops are in Rotterdam, Delft and Hague, with few locations in each. Delft was by far the best, and even with longer lunch stop, it wasn't enough. This tour could consider adding a half hour to the free time at the lunch stop, as the time allotted was barely enough to walk around to decide where to eat. The tour does drive the people to one participating lunch location, but we elected to eat at another place, smaller and less crowded. There are many food options though. Madurodam miniature city in Hague was nice and the Euromast is great to get a birds' eye view of Rotterdam. If one has more time to spend in the country, it's a good idea to make notes where the interesting places are and return on your own, everything is a short drive from Amsterdam or if you're staying in any of these cities, it's surely a great way to find out the hidden gems to spend more time on. Great trip!

Khadija Alshamsi

June 2017



May 2017

This was an excellent way to see more of The Netherlands. While it is a long tour at 11 1/2 hrs, it did not seem long. The tour around Rotterdam was good. Going up in the tour gave a good view of the city. Delft was enjoyable, with time to enjoy lunch in one of the restaurants and visit a couple of stores in the square. Being older, they offered us a cart ride to the square at 4 each round trip. Well worth the money if you have mobility issues. The visit to the Delft Factory was enjoyable and seeing how the articles are created and painted by masters interesting. We bought a few Xmas ornaments and a flat vase. The Hague was another beautiful city. I don't recall the name of the attraction, but it was a miniature City showing all the highlights of the building and features of the area. Very well done.

If you want to see more of The Netherlands other than A,sterdam, this is a very well done tour package.

Peter W

May 2017

Maryanne, our tour guide was wonderful, so informative and pleasant. She was also quite flexible in having to reroute our trip to Rotterdam as they had won the soccer championship and blocked off the city center. All the sights were delightful and the timing for each stop was appropriate. Maryanne also told us about a great bookstore in Amsterdam where I found a children's book from my childhood days.

Paula W

May 2017

Definitely worth it if you're looking for a whirlwind tour of some of the more known/important sites in the Netherlands! Rotterdam, The Hague, Delft... the tour of the Royal Delft factory was phenomenal, and the little museum they have there was so beautiful.


April 2017

Nice day out. See other cities than Amsterdam. And the trip is very nice.

angela r

April 2017

This tour wasn't available as scheduled and I'm deeply disappointed. We placed on a similar tour which was excellent but longer. The tour was excellent although I wish there had been more time for shopping. Activities were well thought out and the service was great. Would definitely buy future tours through viator.

Delyan N

April 2017

This tour was amazing!


April 2017

This was an unforgettable experience! I cannot praise enough the Tour Guide - STEFANO - and the coach driver - HANS. Both of these gentlemen were amazing. Stefano explained everything in detail and he's a real expert. Hans is a very experienced driver and a very friendly person. The places we were taken to were really interesting and we would not have visited them on our own, especially in one day! Even though the Sightseeing Tour was 9 hours long, it was not tiring at all and the time just flew away!! A very BIG WELL DONE to Stefano and Hans.

Clement C

February 2017

A convenient way to see Rotterdam, Delft and The Hague in one day. Our tour guide provided lots of information along the way so it was not just riding in the bus and watching the views passing by. I don't think I could have done all three cities in one day if I were driving by myself.


January 2017

Great day, really got a taste of Holland

Virginia H

December 2016

I fun and interesting day.

Subhash M

December 2016

This tour was fantastic. I recommend it to anyone who wants to get a good idea of Netherlands on one day. Our tour guide was Pieter. He was a wealth of information about the history, geography, commerce and cultural differences between regions.


December 2016

Two months later, we still fondly remember the tour of Rotterdam, Delft, and the Hague with Marion Maryanne. The tour was well composed in terms of stops and content as well as very competently conducted by Marion. We highly recommend both the tour and the guide to everyone.

samuel jr m

November 2016

Our guide was really good in providing all the information for the tour, too bad i forgot his name but i know he is from Italy, we all enjoy this trip and the planning was really great, we even have time to seat down for lunch and ordered salmon which was recommended by our guide and it taste really good.

Robyn D

November 2016

Covered a lot of country in a short time. Had adequate time to explore each location we stopped at. Tour guide was very knowledgeable.


October 2016

The guide was extremely well versed in many languages and so knowledgeable with the history of netherlands. One of the most informative tours I had! Thank you yoyojojo!

Dariya P

October 2016

This was a great trip. We've seen very much in one day without being overly exhausted. Also, Rotterdam, Delft and The Haague are not the places that I would go see for a couple of days independently, so this short trip was just right to get a taste of the cities.


September 2016

Enjoyed every moment. Rotterdam's great architecture, The Hague, interesting and beautiful and Delft as well with the artisan blue pottery factory. Totally recommendable.

Jan S

September 2016

Just best way to see a lot in one day. A

Raymond K

September 2016

very good guide perfect trip

Jillian S

September 2016

Excellent day in the country