Excursion d'une journée sur les plages du débarquement et les champs de bataille de Normandie

Ne passez pas à côté de cette excursion d'une journée, poignante et inoubliable, sur les champs de bataille de Normandie et les plages du débarquement de la Seconde guerre mondiale. Vous visiterez des sites de guerre célèbres ainsi que le cimetière américain, découvrirez les plages historiques et appréhenderez la guerre du point de vue des alliés et des citoyens français qu'ils libérèrent.

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Omaha Beach Monument in Normandy
Omaha Beach Monument in Normandy

Votre traversée de la campagne pittoresque normande vous conduira au Mémorial de Caen, consacré aux documents et films sur la Seconde Guerre mondiale et le débarquement de juin 1944.

Après avoir déjeuné au Mémorial, vous visiterez la pointe du Hoc, une position de défense occupée par les Allemands mais qui fut récupérée par les soldats américains pendant la Seconde guerre mondiale. Continuez jusqu'au cimetière américain de Saint-Laurent, dernière demeure de quelques 10 000 soldats. Vous aurez un peu de temps libre à Omaha Beach pour vous plonger dans l'histoire du site et visiter le centre des visiteurs d'Omaha Beach, qui décrit les opérations des soldats américains sur la célèbre plage en juin 1944.

Avant de retourner à Paris, arrêtez-vous au Mémorial canadien de Juno Beach et à Arromanches pour voir les vestiges du port de débarquement artificiel construit par les alliés en moins de 15 jours.

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Avis Clients :

LaMarr B

October 2017

Wonderful trip! Long day with much to see and visit but worth every moment. The Caen museum set the scene for the day as well as providing a very complete lunch. Visiting Pointe du Hoc with its 100 foot cliffs and German concrete bunkers gives an understanding of the commitment and bravery shown by some many young troops. Walking on Omaha beach and seeing the width of the beach at low tide, combined with German fortifications on the bluffs, is humbling. A visit the American cemetery topped off the day to salute those that gave all during the invasion. The tour was well paced and the guides historical overview enhanced the trip.

Terry F

October 2017

It was a 14 hour day but well worth it! It put the exclamation point on a great week long stay in Paris. Check in and loading was very efficient. Be there a half hour before departure. Seats were comfortable and there was a washroom on the bus. Our guide did a great job in recapping how WW 2 began and what led up to D Day. It put everything into context. Stops were well timed. I highly suggest that everyone adhere to the timing. Waiting an extra 10 minutes for one person takes 10 minutes off the next stop for everyone. Lunch was amazing. Something there for everyone. Plus we got to sit and chat with people around us and it made it more personal. The stops and ride through the small villages really made the history come to life. Well done!

Julia H G

October 2017

This was an absolutely wonderful experience! Our guide, Elisa. was lovely and shared insights all along the way. She picked us up right on the dot at our hotel early, like 6:30, gave us broad background on Normandy and the areas we were driving though. The visit to Omaha Beach was very moving. My father was in WWII, and I had an uncle who was at Sainte Mere Egise D Day 3. All of our lives we have heard about and studied WWII. Seeing the actual beaches, the bunkers and the graves was a very moving and important experience for us. After touring the beaches, we had a truly exceptional lunch at a old country estate, with the usual divine French wine, which helped with some napping on the drive home after a long day. My husband and I would absolutely recommend this tour. We went in a van with 8 people, and it seemed a lot more manageable than a big bus tour. A big thank you to Elisa! I know she does other tours in and around Paris, and if we are so lucky to visit Paris again, we will look for these folks.

Robert Q

October 2017

This was a very full but incredible day especially with our tour guide. She was extremely informative during the lengthy drive and at the 3 beaches that we visited. DDay and the following almost 3 month long battle and the terrain and obstacles they survived and lives sacrificed was felt during this visit.

Raymond P

October 2017

Truly a humbling experience. Our guide was knowledgeable and made a long trip more exciting with his stories to and from Normandy.

Kevin K

October 2017

Great guide, very knowledgeable. Enjoyed the entire experience


October 2017

Standing at Pointe Du Hoc gives you an amazing connection with all that fought there. The American Cemetery gives you the scope of the cost of freedom.


October 2017

Loved this tour! My husband picked this trip because he is always reading about WWII and wanted to see and place some of the places he always read about. I found it interesting seeing the war from another perspective. We always read about the United States experiences, but I enjoyed seeing the French and German side. We were not disappointed. Our tour guides we extremely nice and shared quite a bit of information along the way. The museum we stopped at was very well done and the lunch was very good. The stops at the beaches and cemetery were informative and we had just enough time at each one and didn't feel rushed.

It was a very well organized tour and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the history of WWII.

Gary L

October 2017

Very good -- we had enough time at each stop and good guides. We had booked a pickup at our hotel and they arrived shortly after the scheduled time despite the pouring rain ... it was very good to not have to deal with a cab at that hour, and in that weather. Fortunately the skies cleared and we had a beautiful day for our trip. And, the lunch at the museum was great!!!

Laura O

October 2017

Thorough, fascinating, and moving.

David D

October 2017

Although a long day, it was most definitely worth it. Our guide, Sandrine, was superb, providing information en route to Normandy as well as on site. Extremely friendly, excellent English, very knowledgeable. I wish we had had her as our guide on a different tour a few days later. Although we covered a lot of territory we never felt rushed by our guide.Highly recommend this tour.


September 2017

Great experience!

Norman R

September 2017

My reason for going to France. They did not disappoint. Very humbling and well-organized/operated trip.


September 2017

Great Experience - Great tour
Guide was friendly and knowledgeable - made the tour go along without a hitch.
Not sure what the process is for number of hours a bus driver can operate, although we did not go over the number of hours specified for the tour, it was rather strange we swapped bus drivers at the last hour of our trip. - I think the original bus driver missed out on his tips for the day, as we had no knowledge of his departure until it was happening. - He was a good guy!

Marlo G

September 2017

We chose the small group tour. Excellent tour, guide was very knowledgeable and engaging. I would recommend this trip to anyone.

Robin W

September 2017

Highlight of our trip. So proud to be an American.


September 2017

Amazing tour that met expectations. Ian was a great guide. Well
Worth it!

Alvin S

September 2017

A long trip from Paris but well worth it if you enjoy history.

Michael P

September 2017

This was a long tour but worth it to see where history was made. Our tour guides were knowledgeable and informative. Pl,us you get to see the beautiful French countryside! It is very sobering going to the American cemetery and seeing all of those markers. The museum was very interesting and we were served an excellent meal!

Patricia H

September 2017

Loved everything!


September 2017

I am an elderly woman and went on this tour with the two teenagers with me. We all thought the trip was wonderful!

Michael A

September 2017

Full day. You will be in awe and learn a lot about this very important part of history.

Maria C

September 2017

Too much time spend at the museum but as it's the only place to accommodate feeding a tour group lunch I can understand it
Expect a lot of time on the coach traveling
Tour guide was amazing, very knowledgeable and answered every question
Would have liked to have spent more time at the beach locations
It's a long day, but worth it


September 2017

Seeing the battlefields and beaches were very humbling. This tour along with the Verdun-Meuse Arogonne Battlefields were two of the best tours we have ever done.