Circuit Chocolat et Pâtisserie à Paris

Combinez votre amour pour le chocolat et les gâteaux avec votre passion pour Paris ! Le circuit Chocolat et Pâtisserie à Paris allie gourmandises françaises et excursion pédestre tout un après-midi, pour que vous ne culpabilisiez pas de trop. Le nombre de participants est limité à 8 personnes pour garantir une visite personnalisée en compagnie de votre guide. Votre guide est un expert culinaire et amateur de bonne chère. Il vous emmènera dans plusieurs quartiers de la capitale pour vous faire découvrir les échoppes d'au moins trois pâtissiers, un boulanger et trois chocolatiers.

À quoi pouvez-vous vous attendre ?

Paris Chocolate and Pastry Food Tour
Paris Chocolate and Pastry Food Tour

Le nombre de participants à cette visite est limité à huit, afin que vous profitiez pleinement de l'attention de votre guide expert en gastronomie. Le nombre d'arrêts peut être augmenté en fonction des préférences de votre groupe.

Le commentaire de votre guide expert comprend une présentation générale de la tradition culinaire française, une description des événements saisonniers se déroulant au moment de votre visite et la présentation d'une sélection de spécialités dans les principales boutiques. Votre guide expliquera comment ces spécialités sont préparées, comment choisir les meilleurs chocolats et les pâtisseries les plus fines et comment préparer vos propres gourmandises. Vous êtes invité à dialoguer avec votre guide et à poser toutes les questions qui vous intéressent pendant la présentation de l'art consommé de la chocolaterie et de la pâtisserie.

Jours de service

Tous les jours



  • Dégustation de pâtisseries, chocolats et toute une variété de pains
  • Visite à pied (maximum 8 personnes)
  • Guide local


  • Pourboires (facultatifs)
  • Transferts depuis et vers l'hôtel

Informations complémentaires

  • Vous recevrez la confirmation au moment de la réservation, sauf si vous l'effectuez dans les 24 heures avant le départ. Dans ce cas, la confirmation vous sera envoyée dès que possible, sous réserve de disponibilité.
  • Opère quelles que soient les conditions météorologiques. Veuillez porter des vêtements appropriés.
  • Remarque : certaines boutiques peuvent être très bondées pendant les périodes de vacances très chargées
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Horaire et tarifs

Point de départ/d'éxchange :

Centre de Paris

Durée :

3 heures

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Les remboursements, le cas échéant, doivent être demandés au moins 4 jours ouvrables avant la date du voyage. Les remboursements seront soumis à des frais d'administration de 7 %. Rail Protection Plan™ ne se applique pas.

Remarque: Tours peut être retardée ou exploités tard. S'il vous plaît planifier en conséquence.

10:15Voyage organisé
Code :EN1015
Visite le matin à partir de 10:15 au départ de Saint-Germain en anglais. De
$ 147.00
14:00Voyage organisé
Visite l'après-midi à partir de 14:00 au départ de Saint-Germain en anglais, français ou japonais. De
$ 147.00
14:00Voyage organisé
Code :1400MARAIS
Visite l'après-midi à partir de 14:00 au départ du Marais en anglais, français ou japonais. De
$ 147.00

Avis Clients :

scott s

June 2017

Amazing, if they had 6 stars they would get it. Tour guide was awesome. Foods were to die for. Great bakeries on the tour. Well worth it.

Jay S

June 2017

Our guide, David, was excellent and exceeded my expectations. Friendly, well-informed and gracious. A real Parisian point of view on the specialties of each place we visited. Highly recommended tour and very highly recommended if you are lucky enough to get David as your guide.


May 2017

We took this tour as a family of 5. Roberto was like having a French Best Friendquote from my adult son. His enthusiasm for these fine foods is only matched by his knowledge. We started with a visit to a famous Patisserie, where we sampled a Prauline. This dessert bread is an example of how valuable the tour can be. In our ignorance, we thought it was cute and just for show in the window, but oh no - it may be one of the best things we have ever tasted. I went back twice apres tour to buy it again.

We continued down the Marais area sampling more hidden gems, and as he got to know our family, he adjusted the tour to meet our needs. We tried eclairs, chocolate with a university level lecture on cocoa beans and quality, and macaroons. Roberto discovered my son was looking for a gift for his state side girlfriend, so the tour became a search for the finest french perfume. We learned about the districts of Paris, the wine, the falafel, the best crepes, etc. We took the advice given before and did this tour on the first full day in Paris. It gave us a game plan and confidence to tackle the area with the knowledge of a local.

Bottom Line: Paris is known for fine food, this is the tour to find the finest of the bunch. Do it early, you will not regret it.

Kristin W

May 2017

What a great experience. Our guide Caroline was so knowledgeable and kind. The chocolate was amazing! The hot chocolate was divine. Thanks!


May 2017

Best tour we took in Paris. Our guide was a true foodie...she is a guide on chocolate tours, wine tours, and other food tours. Ex-chef with a love of good food. Great history lesson as well. Would give tour and Guide 10 stars if I could. A must do if in Paris.

Bert N

April 2017

This tour was one of the highlights of our Paris trip with a family of 4 kids age 12 and 6. Our guide, Roberto, was so knowledgable and enthusiastic. He took us all over the St. Germain area of Paris, and you could tell his love for the city and his profession. He not only took us to amazing Patisseries and Chocolatiers, but also provided history of sights along the way and gave us wonderful recommendations for restaurants during our stay. Roberto was so generous with his time, that we continued the tour past the end time and tasted delicious jams and spreads at an additional stop. Our six year old stayed engaged throughout the tour and now loves chocolate macarons!

Xiaozheng C

April 2017

It turned out to be a private tour for me, my daughter, and my dad. Our guide - I did not get her name, but she was absolutely wonderful. It was a cloudy afternoon with a little on-and-off rain. We did the St-Germain neighborhood option. Our guide spoke perfect English. She was very considerate. But most of all, she was very knowledgeable in history, art, and of course, chocolates and pastries. All the shops were excellent. Our guide gave us insightful suggestions on which ones to taste at different stores - and she was always correct! And we tasted so many of them! We hope to return and do the option in the Le Marias option next time.

Joy S

April 2017

AMAZING! Great guide! Great treats! Great city! Great cultural/history lesson! Definitely recommend!

Jacklan M

April 2017

Great tour, we would never have found all of these places on our own. Highly recommended!

Monica B

March 2017

We had an amazing time with Caroline, who led us to wonderful and delicious chocolate and pastry shops...Caroline was very knowledgeable of each of the locales that we visited, giving us history on why each shop was special and how it came to be. She also explained the different locations chocolate comes from and was quite informative. Each location had delicious options, including taking care of a gluten free participant as well. My daughter wasn't feeling well during the tour and wasn't sampling Caroline made sure to make 'to go' bags from every location especially for her - that was so nice! It's the little things that count, Caroline brought bottled water for our group, she made sure to take care of those who had allergies, and just wanted us to enjoy our time together. She did encourage us to sample items that we normally would not, we did not regret our choices! We never felt any pressure to purchase any products - though I did go back to one of the bakeries a couple of times during the week!

Shamiah M

March 2017

If you love pastries DO THIS TOUR! Guide was super informative about every stop on the tour. Will do again when back in Paris.

Jenniffer J

February 2017

I ended up being the only person on this tour. That was a bonus. My guide was super nice and friendly. Spoke English very well and personalized our morning with my interests and likes. We visited beautiful shops and tasted items I would not have picked but were delicious. So glad I let her choose the items to taste. After asking me some questions about what I liked and didn't everything she picked was fabulous! I was extremely pleased with this tour and with my guide.


February 2017

Really enjoyed this walking tour. The macarons, chocolates and croissants were beautiful and we got so much history and information from our guide as well.

Tammy D

February 2017

Wow!!! I wish there was 6+ stars. I don and #39;t k ow what to expect but Christine was incredible.. It ended up being just her and I (so happy they didn and #39;t cancel it) she taught me so much about Paris way beyond chocolate and Pastry.. 100% recommend this tour

Damian B

January 2017

My daughter and I were the only participants so we got great personal service.
A good range of different chocolates, pastries, macaroons and cakes.
Our guide was excellent. Friendly and knowledgable.
Enjoyed the Marais district so much we returned again and purchased more treats. In particular, Pierre Herme Macaroons.

paula d

January 2017

Highly recommend this experience! I met my tour guide Irène at Maison du Chocolat and from there had a relaxing paced walk to eight other bread and chocolate shops. I never would have known about, or would look forward to returning to, this quaint and non touristy neighborhood if not for her. She was very easy going and knowledgeable. She spoke English beautifully and was happy to translate my questions to the shopkeepers as well.She even took pictures of me me when my camera was full, then emailed them to me when I got home! I had just a coffee and croissant before my afternoon tour, and only a wonderful onion soup later that night which after a cold walk is heaven!, so I was able to have a small sample in each place, then purchased an item to take home as souvenirs. She made my solo week in Paris even better, and I am so glad I did this!

January 2017

We really enjoyed this tour. We learned a lot about the history of chocolate and pastries in France. Bring your walking shoes, it's 100 on foot! But worth it if you enjoy the history and the food.

James H

December 2016

This is a great tour!!!

Donna Johnston

December 2016

Yum, Yum, and Yum !!
Gorgeous tour and gorgeous guide x


December 2016

This was a great tour! The eclair shop was AMAZING!

judy c

November 2016

Guide was well-informed and shared historical context and interesting background information as we walked. Only four of us on the tour, which was very good as it was rainy and overcast Sunday. Mixed reviews on the specific choices for stops BUT they were varied and representative of Paris tour topic!

jay k

November 2016

we tried about 5-7 different pastry. we really liked it. very informative tour as well.

Allan N

November 2016

This was an absolutely fabulous tour! We have been on SIX food tours and this was far and away the best!! Josie, our guide, studied to be a chef and her humor, enthusiasm and insights were delightful. And the candies and pastries! We visited all the top chocolatiers and bakeries and were blown away by the quality of everything we tried!!! DO Not T MISS THIS ONE!!!


October 2016

Irena, our guide was wonderful. She had a lot of great information to share on each of our stops, and the food was delicious!