Billets coupe-file : Visite guidée du Musée du Louvre

Ne perdez pas de temps à attendre ! Optez pour la visite guidée du Louvre avec accès prioritaire. Réservez et ne faites pas la queue. Vous profiterez alors au maximum de votre temps limité à l'intérieur du plus grand musée du monde. Après la visite guidée, vous pourrez rester et continuer à explorer le Musée du Louvre à votre guise.

À quoi pouvez-vous vous attendre ?

Louvre Museum and Pyramid, Paris
Louvre Museum and Pyramid, Paris

Votre visite guidée du Musée du Louvre de Paris se concentre sur trois œuvres mondialement célèbres : la Vénus de Milo, la victoire de Samothrace et la Joconde de Léonard de Vinci, peinte au début du XVIe siècle.

Le Musée du Louvre a toujours été populaire, mais il l'est encore plus désormais depuis le succès phénoménal du Da Vinci Code de Dan Brown. En réservant votre place pour cette excursion, vous pouvez éviter les files d'attente et admirer la célèbre Mona Lisa sans encombre.

Informations supplémentaires

Jours de service

Du 1er novembre au 31 mars
Lundi, vendredi, samedi et dimanche
Du 1er avril au 31 octobre
Tous les jours, sauf le mardi

Temps de réunion

9:30, 14:15 ou 18:30



  • Accès privilégié garanti
  • Guide professionnel
  • Prix d'entrée et visite guidée du Louvre


  • Pourboires (facultatifs)
  • Service de ramassage et dépôt à l'hôtel
  • Nourriture et boissons, sauf mention contraire
  • Accès aux expositions temporaires

Informations complémentaires

  • Vous recevrez la confirmation au moment de la réservation
  • Non accessible aux personnes en fauteuil roulant
  • Si vous avez sélectionné une option avec prise en charge à l'hôtel, vous devez indiquer les coordonnées de votre hôtel. Si vous ne le faites pas, rendez-vous par vos propres moyens au point de départ central.
  • L'accès aux expositions temporaires n'est pas inclus dans le prix de cette excursion
  • Il n'y a pas de seconde entrée possible une fois que vous quittez le musée
Informations sur les coupons

Vous pouvez présenter un bon d'échange imprimé ou électronique pour cette activité.

Horaire et tarifs

Point de départ/d'éxchange :

Centre de Paris

Durée :

2 heures 30 minutes

Revenir aux détails

La visite se termine au Musée du Louvre

Politique :

Les remboursements, le cas échéant, doivent être demandés au moins 4 jours ouvrables avant la date du voyage. Les remboursements seront soumis à des frais d'administration de 7 %. Rail Protection Plan™ ne se applique pas.

Remarque: Tours peut être retardée ou exploités tard. S'il vous plaît planifier en conséquence.

09:30Voyage organisé
Code :GLFR0930
Balade standard avec 50 participants maximum. Commentaires de votre guide parlant français. Départ à 9h30 De
$ 92.00
09:30Voyage organisé
Code :GLEN0930
Balade standard avec 50 participants maximum. Commentaires de votre guide parlant anglais. Départ à 9h30 De
$ 92.00
14:15Voyage organisé
Code :GLEN1415
Balade standard avec 50 participants maximum. Commentaires de votre guide parlant anglais. Départ à 14h15 De
$ 92.00
18:30Voyage organisé
Code :GLEN1830
Balade standard avec 50 participants maximum. Commentaires de votre guide parlant anglais. Départ à 18h30 De
$ 92.00
08:15Voyage organisé
Balade avec 15 participants maximum avec commentaires d'un guide anglophone et ramassage à l'hôtel. Départ à 08:15 De
$ 169.00
13:15Voyage organisé
Code :VLMEN1315
Balade avec 15 participants maximum avec commentaires d'un guide anglophone et ramassage à l'hôtel. Départ à 13h15. De
$ 169.00

Avis Clients :

Gerardo R

June 2017

This tour was amazing!

Barbara B

June 2017

For the love of God.... if you are visiting the Louvre, take a guided tour with skip the line pre purchased tickets! This tour is hard to beat....

We went during the off season, and the place was still a mad house. Our guide took us directly to the major works of art everyone wants to see Venus, Mona Lisa, some weird Picasso stuff, etc.. It was a great three hours and well worth every penny. Our tour guide was extremely informative, knowledgeable and made sure we didn't get lost! Three hours was just enough to see the main attractions and kind of get your bearings for some time on your own.

Once you are on your own, however, be prepared! This place is a madhouse! And trying to find a restroom was a monumental endeavor. Don't, whatever you do, wait until the last minute to find one!

The maps are colorful, but absolutely no help in figuring out where you are. Staff roam the halls but either English isn't their thing or they aren't happy with their work experience, and simply nod as you stand there rocking back and forth in the universal I'm going to wet my pants in 1 minute sign. No kidding, it took 10 of them to finally direct us to a bathroom.

As far as a beautiful museum, the only thing that might surpass the Louvre is the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg Russia. But it's a madhouse as well!

Well worth seeing. There really are some absolutely wonderful works of art there. But if you spend the time and money to go to the Louvre, spend a few more bucks and do it right, so your experience is as wonderful as the art.... take this guided tour!

Greg I

June 2017

This tour was quite rewarding due to the guide, Chloe. She managed the group well and provided anecdotes not found in the guide books. That,plus she injected humor into the tour that made it well worth our time. I would recommend this tour with this guide.

Kathleen B

June 2017

Our guide, Nati, was a joy! Her enthusiasm for all aspect of art and history displayed in the Louvre is infectious and her knowledge was deep and fascinating. I high recommend this tour as a way to get the basics of the vastness of the Louvre. If you have time, return again and again to see more, but this tour lets you see the highlights--Mona Lisa, Winged Victory, Venus de Milo and more.


May 2017

Good tour, good guide, plenty of time to wander afterwards. This place is HUGE- so do a little research so that you don't get overwhelmed trying to see things you're in to. Easy and no wait to get it- would definitely recommend.


May 2017


Leanne H

May 2017

This tour was amazing!

paul s

May 2017

Excellent way to tour the Louvre. Our guide hit all the highlights and most famous exhibits. My husband is not big on museums, but he enjoyed this tour. Just long enough to hold your interest and you leave feeling as though you saw it all.

Kathy M

May 2017

Great tour! Worth it just to skip the line alone! interesting and great tour.

Veronica C

April 2017

Awesome tour! No queue at all. Guide was very knowledgeable. Must do this tour to save time.


April 2017

We ended up with only 4 of us on this tour, and it was my second tour with Agnes, who is really a great guide, so I really couldn't ask for anything more. Worth the price just to be able to walk right in, and be taken right to the highlights. It was so crowded and hot, I wouldn't have wanted to be wandering around on my own. BTW, I stopped at two ladies rooms and each one only had two forewarned.
Also I took a 2:15 tour, so maybe if it had been earlier or later it might not have been as crowded. I did try to get a later one, but it wasn't available on the day I needed to go.
Book this tour. Totally worth it!

Edward O

April 2017

The small guided tour of The Louvre was money well spent. Our guide, Danielle, was knowledgeable, friendly and patient. I can't imagine trying to tackle this museum without a guide at least the first visit and her expertise made the experience very rewarding. We smartly viewed the Mona Lisa early, before the big crowds, and deftly maneuvered our way through the most popular exhibits making the most of the 2 1/2 hours. Highly recommended!

Yukixue K

April 2017

this is the best tour in my paris trip

Kelli W

April 2017

My favorite part about this tour is that we spent just as much time talking about the history of the Louvre and other french culture as we did some of the finer works of art... It was a perfect mix. I loved our guide Carine, she had a great sense of humor and was very knowledgeable, even with questions not entirely pertinent to the tour and / or the works of art we were around. I only had 2 days in Paris and this was the perfect way to spend one of my mornings. Tour left promptly at 9:30 and we ended at noon.

Andrew C

April 2017



March 2017

After trying to navigate Louvre on our own this was so much better!

tasha s

February 2017

Excellent tour

Philip D

February 2017

Out tour guide was excellent. She made our day.m

Joseph T

February 2017

Best way to experience the Louvre in a few hours.


January 2017

Very good tour which was smooth and very informative about the history of the louvre znd importantly got us to the highlights with the back story

Stephen R

January 2017

so much to see but this was great way to see it


January 2017

Awesome tour, a must do

Rene Z

December 2016

Excellent tour and skipped line.

Wayne A

October 2016

Guide was awesome and knowledgeable with great sense of humour