Gare de Rennes

Gare de Rennes

The Rennes Train Station was built in 1857 and was originally located quite a distance away from the center of town. Through the years, the city of Rennes has grown to be the 7th largest city in France and this historic station is now located in the city center. Rennes Station currently serves over 9 million travelers per year.

  • Address: 55, 19, Place de la gare BP 90527 35005 Rennes Cedex
  • View location on map: Google map

Transportation from the Rennes Train Station:

To the Rennes–Saint-Jacques Airport:

  • Bus
    Star Bus #57
    Departs: every 20 minutes

To other stations:

  • Buses
  • Subway

Trains using this station:

Areas commonly traveled to from this station:


Telephone access:

  • Telephone stands
  • Location: main concourse
  • Codes
    International Code: 011
    Country Code: 33
    City Code: 2

Wi-Fi service:

  • Hotspot


Train Information Center:

  • Hours: Daily, 10:30am to 6:00pm
  • Location: 11, rue Saint-Yves - CS 26410, 1 mile northwest from the station

Baggage consignment:

  • Currently this station does not offer baggage consignment services

Lost and found:

  • Location: Ground floor next to the station reception

Places to eat in the station:

  • There are several restaurants and shops on the upper level of this station