Dachau Palace, Bavaria, Germany

Visit the Dachau Palace gardens in Bavaria, Germany

Repainting the Picture on a City Tainted by History

Dachau is a city with a 1200-year history. In former times, Dachau was a retreat for Bavarian kings, dukes and nobility, with a castle that offered staggering views of the Alps and nearby Munich. Impressionist painters came to create the scenes on their canvases. And then, the Nazi regime rolled in, selecting Dachau as the site of their first concentration camp in 1933. This pleasant town turned upside down and this was the second camp to be liberated by the Allied Forces and one of the first places where news of the camp's killings were made public to the world.

Today there's a sobering Holocaust Memorial Museum on the grounds. To pay your respects, there is frequent service from Munich Hauptbahnhof. Take either an S-bahn train 20-30 minutes or DB regional trains that will take roughly 12 minutes. From the station there, a bus takes you to the entrance of the site. The bus transfer to the concentration camp is purchased locally.

Dachau understands the hurdle it needs to overcome for travelers to stay beyond seeing the camp. For those with an open mind, stay a while and be won over by the locals who are earnestly trying to win your heart.

Favored by Bavarian nobility, visit the extensive gardens and the one still-complete wing of the Dachau Palace. The Old Town has the requisite cafes and restaurants lining charming narrow streets. Stop in and be greeted with a smile.

Just as the Impressionists came, so now does contemporary artists seeking to capture the beauty of Bavaria. See a different point of view at the Gemäldegalerie Dachau. For less- courant art, the Dachau Painting Gallery has a permanent collection of regional landscapes from 19th and early 20th century painters, including Christian Morgenstern, Carl Spitzweg and others from famous German art colonies.

This is still Bavaria, and that can mean only one thing: Beer. For a smaller alternative to Oktoberfest, Dachau hosts its own Volkfest – or Folk Festival. Come for the low-cost lager and make a new friend who will be happy to talk about the positive side of their city.

With a German Rail Pass, you can easily make a stop here, even if your heavy heart thinks it can't. History shant be forgotten, neither will be your trip to Dachau.

Contributed by: Jean, Business Development; “The only way of catching a train I ever discovered is to miss the train before.” G.K. Chesterton

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