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Eurostar is a high-speed modern train connecting Britain with the rest of Europe. Eurostar is the preferred means of transport for those who want to reach cities like Paris, Amsterdam, Lille or Bruxelles from London

A vast array of destinations

Taking the Eurostar train from the United Kingdom, at London St Pancras International railway station, you can reach the French city of Lille in only 1 hour. Brussels, the Belgium capital, can be reached in 2 hours whereas it takes just over 2 hours to reach Paris Gare du Nord. In the UK part of the rail network, Eurostar operates on the High Speed 1.

Take a Eurostar ticket from London and get off at one of the main European railway stations or destinations such as Paris Gare-du Nord, Lille-Europe, Calais-Fréthun, Marne-la-Vallée to discover Paris Disneyland theme park and Brussels Zuid. Eurostar allows you to connect easily with other trains such as the TGV. You can thus discover more of France. Eurostars trains have seasonal destinations such as Avignon during summer and French Alps in winter.

If you want to avoid the buzzing central London, you can take the Eurostar from Ebbsfleet International or at Ashford International in Kent, a few miles away from London.

The journey on board the Eurostar is an amazing experience. You will travel under the Channel, through the 50 km Channel Tunnel, one of the seven wonders of the modern world.

An amazing experience

It is very simple to buy a Eurostar ticket. On the Rail Europe websites or our Train Ticket website, you can book you Eurostar ticket in a few clicks. To get your tickets, you can choose the Ticket on Departure option and retrieve it from a Eurostar self-service machine found in a railway station.

After your check in, you can wait in the Business Premier Lounge. On board you will find yourself in carriages which are fully equipped. You will even be offered menus created by a French Chef.

In Standard Premier, the experience will be just as enjoyable. Whether you want to work or looking to relax in your large and comfortable seats, you will be also to do so without any setback in the Eurostar.

Travelling in Standard class is ideal if you are on a budget. The cabins are spacious and comfortable. Choose one of the travel classes, and travel to London, Paris, Brussels, Lille or any other destinations served by the Eurostar.

Fares and passes

Eurostar being a state of the art in terms of modern train, it sometimes carries the tag of an expensive train. This is certainly not the case. If you want to have the best deal, buy tour tickets early and benefit from the book early prices. You can also choose a non-flexible ticket, which though is not exchangeable and refundable, is however cheaper.

When you buy a Eurostar ticket, the seat reservation is already included in the price. A reservation is mandatory to travel on board the Eurostar. Make your booking reservation up to 4 months in advance to get the best prices. If you have a rail pass, you can obtain a pass holder fare. IN that case a separate reservation is required.

*Valid for travellers carrying a Eurail Global Pass; Eurail Select pass including: France; Eurail France-Italy Pass; Eurail France-Spain Pass; Eurail France-Germany; Eurail Benelux-Germany; Eurail France-Switzerland Pass; Eurail France-Benelux; Eurail Benelux Pass; France Rail Pass; BritRail Pass; BritRail Pass + Ireland OR BritRail England Pass; BritRail London Plus Pass. Available in both Standard Premier and Standard class.