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Those who live in Europe will tell you that thanks you the TGV they have discovered many exciting destinations which are easily accessible from where they live. Indeed the TGV, the French high speed train, has made it easier to reach various corners of France in a short time.

Popular destinations

Such is the comfort and rapidity of the TGV that it is difficult to realize how things must have been before its existence. The high speed French train carries over 130 million passengers every year, to more than 1400 destinations in France and neighboring countries.

In France alone, the TGV connects 150 main cities and town, making it very easy to visit the country. The TGV from Paris to Bordeaux take less than 3 hours to reach Bordeaux St Jean railway station.

The high speed train can also take you from Paris to Toulouse in 5 hours and 13 minutes. During the voyage, you can have a drink on the on board bar or plug in your laptop for some entertainment.

If you are attracted to the sunny south of France, take the high speed train from Paris to reach Marseille, after 3 hours. TGV also runs from Paris to the beautiful town of Avigon. The travel duration is only 2 hours and 40 minutes.

If you want to see the famous Christmas Market of Strasbourg, take the TGV from Paris. The train will reach Strasbourg in just 3 hours thanks to the new LGV line, high speed railway line.

To discover the famous braderie de Lille, the TGV will depart from Paris Gare du Nord and reach Lille in just over 1 hour.

To commute to Brittany, in the northwest of France, the Paris-Nantes TGV is the ideal solution. The travel duration is just over 2 hours.

A wider network of destinations

If as a tourist you are looking for more thrills and places to discover, then you can take the train from France and cross the border to visit nearby European countries. The TGV also connects France with countries such as Belgium, Switzerland and Germany. You can seize the opportunity to visit main cities like Berlin, Bern and Brussels.

Very often you will be pleased to know that the travel duration between many European destinations can be very short by train. From Paris CDG, Brussels is only 1 hour away whereas the Avignon-Geneva connection is done in just 2 hours and 53 minutes by train. If you want to reach Germany, a little over 3 and a half hours are needed from Paris by train.

As well as having an excellent railway network, Europe is also home to some marvelous railway stations. Take a close look at the beautiful architecture of Paris Gare du Nord, Milano Centrale, Amsterdam Centraale or London St Pancras International.