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The TGV are high speed trains which offer 2 travel classes to travellers. The trains are designed to offer the maximum comfort to all passengers. After a journey on board the TGV train, you will arrive at your destination with a taste of a very good travel experience. You can use TGV trains, which are preferred over planes, when travelling inside France.

Easy Booking and simple boarding

If you have chosen to travel on board a TGV train, you should know that a reservation is necessary. If you buy a point to point ticket, the reservation is included. If you have a Rail Pass, you need to reserve a seat before travelling. Travellers can book a train ticket for the TGV up to 90 days in advance. The earlier you buy, the more chance you will have of benefiting from book early deals. And of course for more convenience, you can choose the Print@home ticketing solution. You’ll have your ticket in your mailbox almost instantly. You can also choose to collect your train ticket at any SNCF railway station in France up to 30 minutes before the departure.

There are no check-in or customs procedures prior to departure of a TGV. However make sure to board the TGV, at the latest 2 minutes before departure. Access is not guaranteed beyond. On board the TGV, there will be ticket and passport checks. Make sure to have your travel documents with you.

Relaxing on-board

  • Comfort and pleasure in first class

TGV are modern and comfortable trains. However if you want the most comfort and pleasure on board, you can choose to travel in first class. First class carriages on board the TGV have abundant legroom and larger seats which recline. There is a Solo seat if you want to travel without any disturbance. The TGV also has a Club Space which will allow you to book two adjoining seats. Ideal for work sessions before a meeting at the other end of France!

On most TGV trains, you can have a cold meal which is delivered to your seat. You can also have a complimentary travel pack which contains a telephone charger, a sleeping kit and a stain removal kit. For a better connection, there is a taxi reservation service on board of some TGV (Lille, Paris- Nantes, Paris - Rennes and Paris - Nice).
TGV trains have a designated space for persons who are travelling on a wheelchair. Make sure to request it when making your reservation.

  • Fun and enjoyment in Second Class

If you are travelling in Second Class, you’ll still find your journey very pleasurable. Plug in your laptop or portable media player in the power socket and watch a movie or continue writing your blog along the way. Have a break by buying a meal and drinks at the bar buffet on board the TGV. You can also buy snacks and beverages from vending machines.

TGV trains are equipped with a changing room for babies and infants. There is a bottle warming option on board. For more pleasure during the journey, TGV also have a dedicated playing space for kids as well as a family area.