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A fjord 128 miles long ? Be glad you’re not driving.

The Sognefjord in Norway isn’t just the world’s longest fjord, it’s one of the most exquisite. In fact, a leading national adventure magazine recently named it one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the entire world.

At Rail Europe, we think that deserves special treatment. That’s why we offer The Sognefjord in a nutshell, one of our most special passes with your choice of three itineraries to travel on. The Sognefjord In a nutshell lets you see more of Sognefjord, using circular routes to make the most of ancient, awe-inspiring vistas in Western Norway.

With a combination of mountain rail and expressboat to take you through the waterways of the Sognefjord, there’s no better way to see more or more up-close. It’s another Rail Europe Experience that will leave you breathless. (We thought we’d mention that, just in case you thought it was the altitude.)

View to Sognefjord in Norway. Small town and cruise port Olden in Norwegian fjords

Here’s what you get

  • Available May through September only.
  • Includes combined travel in second-class rail, boat.
  • Travel on the Flam railway.
  • Standard seat reservation are included in the cost of the tour.
  • Choice of four scenic itineraries combining travel in train (2nd class) and boat to include mountains, fjord, and sea.
    Itinerary 1 : Bergen - Myrdal - Flam - Bergen
    Itinerary 2 : Oslo - Myrdal - Flam - Bergen
    Itinerary 3 : Oslo - Myrdal - Flam - Bergen - Oslo
    Itinerary 4 : Myrdal - Flam - Bergen (Only available when traveling with a rail pass that is valid in Norway)
  • Your choice of direction of travel
  • Complimentary Fjord Pass is included with all tours and offers travelers discounts up to 40% off select activities and attractions purchased locally in Norway.

Reservation Requirements with Sognefjord in a Nutshell :

The Express boat does not require reservations.

Conditions of Use

  • Sognefjord in a nutshell is pre-validated at time of purchase and requires you to provide your travel dates.
  • Travelers must provide the following information in order to confirm seats on the Sognefjord in a Nutshell : direction of travel, travel dates, departure times and stopovers via email after purchase. Instructions will be provided confirmation of purchase email.
  • Traveler will receive confirmation via email with their itinerary and instructions on how to retrieve tickets at Oslo or Bergen train stations.
  • Tours times will be confirmed within 2 – 5 business days after purchase and seats are not confirmed until confirmation is received.
  • Once the Tour dates have been confirmed the dates cannot be changed.
  • Travelers must print their tickets prior to boarding the train.
  • Tour can only be confirmed within 2 months of the first travel date.
  • Sognefjord in a nutshell operates from June 1 - September 30.
  • Tickets are 85% refundable if canceled more than 20 days before your first date of travel date, then are non-refund except as covered by the Rail Protection Plan. Refunds are subject to a 7% administrative fee.
  • Print at the Station Tickets are non-refundable once printed if lost or stolen unless covered by the Rail Protection Plan.
  • Prices are subject to change.

Travel forum

From our travel community

Can i see songnefjord in december without any problems? Hello. I will travel around Norway in this December. And the first thing I want to see is Songnefjord. As I know this fjord is the only fjord which is available in winter. I have searched a lot and got to know nutshell has year round tours. (...)

지언 조 | 2016/11/15 complete | 1 Comments
How can i add "norway in a nutshell" to the rail europe pass that i booked two months ago. At the time of my original booking NIN was not available. I see from your website that it is available now. How can I add NIN to my original booking. I already have train reservations from Bergen to Voss on June 17 and from Myrdal to Oslo on (...)

Marcy Rosenkrantz | 2016/06/06 complete | 4 Comments
Do the ferries around flam operate during the winter? We are looking to travel to Oslo in December. I am wondering if the Fjord ferry's in Flam are still running or not.

Nikki Glann | 2015/06/28 complete | 3 Comments
Sogneford in a nutshell vs. independent itinerary We will have 3-Country passes and once in Norway, want to travel from Oslo to Bergen and then on to Balestrand & Flam on the express boat. Looking for the best way to do it. Rail Europe's "Sognefjord in a Nutshell" options are confusing with (...)

Pamela Blair | 2013/09/02 complete | 1 Comments
Seeking help with scandinavian rail pass I am planning to travel by train from Stockholm to Kalmar to Copenhagen, taking the overnight ferry to Oslo, and then continuing by train from Oslo to Balestrand and then Bergen. Can someone tell me whether I should buy a rail pass or just (...)

Zlato | 2012/12/02 complete | 1 Comments

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