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Renfe, the Spanish national railway company, operated the AVE trains. When travelling on board the AVE trains, you will have a very relaxing and pleasurable travel experience.

Easy Booking and simple Boarding

If you want to have things prepared smoothly, you will want to have the possibility to plan your trip in advance. You will be able to book your tickets to travel on board AVE trains in advance – up to 2 months before.

Since we are talking about planning, don’t forget all your travel documents. Indeed there will be ticket control and passport checks before boarding the AVE train. Just like some of the other European high speed trains, you will be able to check in 30 minutes prior to departure. Check in will stop 2 minutes before departure and access to trains is not guaranteed beyond this point.

Renfe takes pride in offering a quality service. That is why if your Ave train is between 16 and 30 minutes late, you can ask for a 50% refund. The refund can be 100% if the Ave train is more than 30 minutes late.

Relaxing on-board

Ave high speed trains have 3 classes of service to cater for everyone’s need. Whichever service you choose, you can be sure that you will have a quiet and comfortable journey on board the Ave. The high speed trains operated by Renfe are inspired by the French TGV, with spacious and pleasant carriages.

  • First Class Club and Preferente

Travelling in 1st class in on board the Ave trains, you can benefit from many advantages such as access to Ave lounges and waiting rooms which have television, newspaper, Wi-Fi Internet access. Travellers will find the lounge in locations such as Sala Club in Alacant Términal, Albacete Los Llanos, Barcelona-Sants, Camp de Tarragona, Castellón, Córdoba Central, Lleida-Pirineus, Málaga María Zambrano, Madrid Chamartín, Madrid Puerta de Atocha, Murcia El Carmen, Sevilla Sta. Justa, Valencia Joaquín Sorolla, Valladolid Campo Grande and Zaragoza Delicias.

If you are feeling hungry on board you can have a bite thanks to the Ave catering service which will serve you meal and drink at your seat, at no extra fee.

For a better facility of use, passengers can benefit from free parking when then travel on board the Ave. If you have a single ticket, you get 24 hours free parking, whereas if you have a retrun ticket you have 48 hours free parking.

Passengers can benefit from the a la carte restaurant at seat if they upgrade to Club Class.

  • Standard Class

If you have chosen to travel in the Standard class (Tourista) on board the Ave, you will enjoy the air conditioning all along your journey, especially in summer. The seats are comfortable and allow you to relax.

On Ave trains, you won’t be bored. There is a video screen, radio and power sockets which will allow you to entertain yourself. You can safely say that the Tourista class of the Ave is more comfortable than business class on planes.

And if are hungry and want to have a bite, you can always buy a snack and a drink at the bar buffet. Families travelling with kids have access to changing areas and play areas. Those who are travelling on a wheelchair, have specific facilities on board the Ave. For more convenience, smoking is prohibited on board Ave trains.