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The TGV is a high speed train which operated in France. Many people prefer to use the TGV because the famous trains allow them to reach more than 1400 destinations very quickly. The TGV is operated by the SNCF, the French national rail company. The French railway network is very dense allowing you to visit several destinations in France and some destinations in neighboring countries.

An extended network

The TGV high speed train is the pride of France. It can be safely said that the TGV is the flagship of the French railway industry. The TGV connects more than 150 towns and cities in France, travelling up to 320 km/h and offering a high level of comfort. With the wide choice of connections available, you can plan you trip without any hitch in France.
Paris is the hub where it is ideal to start your trip to visit other regions of France. You can take a train from TGV to reach Reims in the Champagne Ardenne region. The trip lasts approximately 45 minutes, after which time you will be able to see those lovely vineyards.

If you want go elsewhere, say in the east of France, TGV trains have regular connections to the city of Strasbourg. The trip by TGV lasts 3 hours, after which you can discover the capital of the Alsance region. When in Strasbourg don’t miss the sandstone Gothic Cathedral with its famous astronomical clock.

After Northern and Eastern France, take the TGV to the sunny south. From Paris the TGV will take you to Avignon in only 2 hours and 40 minutes. The TGV trains also connect other cities in the south of France such as Marseille and Nice. Don’t miss the beautiful calanques, Marseille creeks. Getting off from the Nice Ville railway station, go visit the famous Promenade des Anglais also known as English Promenade. With the Mediterranean Sea in front of you, relaxation is guaranteed.

The TGV can even take you outside France. Indeed there are train connection from France to Belgium, Switzerland and Germany. Once in one of those countries, you can use other high speed and comfortable trains to visit other parts of Europe. For example the Avignon-Geneva route can be done in less than 3 hours by train. As for the TGV from Paris to Stuttgart, it take only 3 hours and 40 minutes. For those of you who want to reach Brussels, the European capital, for a business meeting, the TGV train from Paris Charles de Gaulle will take you there in a mere 1 hour and 14 minutes.

The convenience of one or more passes

If you want to travel extensively by train in Europe, the best solution is to buy a rail pass. It will be cheaper than single tickets, plus you will have many discounts and bonuses along the way. To travel extensively in france by train, the best solution is the France Rail Pass.

If you want to visit bordering countries as well, choose regional passes such as Eurail France-Germany, France-Spain, France Italy and France Switzerland ass. You can also buy a Global or Select Pass for a broader use. You have more information on rail passes in this website.