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TGV is among the first high speed trains which operated in the world. The TGV is synonym of viability and modernity. It is the pride of the French railway industry. TGV can travel up to a speed of 200 mph.

A vast array of destinations

TGV connects over a hundred main cities and towns in France. TGV trains usually have a city centre to city centre connection. You can even take the TGV to the north of Spain.

Using the TGV from Paris or Lille, you can reach Marseille in approximately 3 hours.

You can also take the TGV train from Paris and be in Bordeaux in 3 hours and 10 minutes. If you want to visit Lyon, you’ll need just 2 hours from Paris. 5h40 is the travel duration between Paris and the sunny south of France and the city of Nice.

Other towns such as Dijon, Avignon, Grenoble, Bourg Saint-Maurice and Figueres are popular destinations which are served by the TGV. The high speed train will conveniently take you to every corner of France.

An amazing experience

Before travelling, you should know that a reservation is necessary to travel on board the TGV, just as it is the case for other high speed trains. You can make reservations 3 months in advance. Before boarding don’t forget to validate your ticket at the train station. There will be ticket control on board the TGV.

As soon as you board the TGV, you’ll find yourself in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. The famous French fashion designer, Christain Lacroix, has even designed some of TGV’s interior décor. IN the cabin, you’ll find large seats, generous legroom, and individual table. Whether you are in first class or standard class, the quality is meant to be of the highest standard. On board you can of course have a meal and a drink.

Fare and passes

To travel onboard TGV, you have a variety of tickets. It is quite simple to male your choice. You can buy a TGV Prem’s ticket and get a 60%¨discount from the standard fare. The TGV Prem’s are however available on certain routes only and they are limited.

If you are planning to travel extensively by train in France, you can buy a France Rail Pass from Rail Europe websites or Train Ticket website. Use the France Rail Pass tp travel on all trains in France. TGV and regional trains included. You will have unlimited travel for 3,4,5,6 or even 9 days within a month. You can visit France at your pace as you are not required to use your France Rail Pass on consecutive days.