About Print at Home e-tickets

  • I’ve bought a print at home e-ticket. What do I need to do before getting on board the train?

    Your print at home e-ticket will be forwarded to you as one of three methods:
    • A PDF included as a link on your Rail Europe invoice email
    • A unique 6 character e-ticket confirmation code that, along with a photo i.d., is checked when on the train
    • Sent via a separate email, in addition to your Rail Europe invoice mail, forwarded to you after purchase

    But don't worry, your Rail Europe invoice will clearly indicate the type of print at home e-ticket affiliated with the train ticket(s) you have purchased.

    If you were signed into your account when you purchased your print at home e-ticket, you can also find  all PDF links in the booking history tab of your online account, as well as the itinerary tab of our iPhone app or mobile site.

    For all print at home e-tickets, you’ll need to print the tickets before arriving at the train station.

  • I accidentally deleted the email with the link to print my print at home e-ticket, what should I do?

    No worries. If you registered on our site and have a Rail Europe user account, you can simply log in and review your most recent order. The link to reprint your e-ticket is available on this page. If you have not created a Rail Europe user account, you can send us a email at service@raileurope.com, include your order number and we will resend the link to print your e-ticket.

  • How do I use my Italo print at home e-ticket for travel in Italy?

    While Italo train tickets are considered print at home e-tickets, you don't actually need to print anything or retrieve a voucher or boarding pass at the station.

    All that is required is the confirmation (PNR) code printed on your Rail Europe e-mail confirmation. Just present your e-ticket confirmation code and a valid photo id to the conductor on the train - it's that easy! 

  • I received my e-ticket as a pdf but wasn’t able to print it. Can I print it at the station?

    French print at home e-tickets can be re-issued from a self-service kiosk at the station. You will need the e-ticket # as found on your invoice.

    Eurostar print at home e-tickets can be re-issued at the Eurostar desk in the departure station, but there is a 15£ fee per ticket. You will need the e-ticket # as found on your invoice.

    All other print at home e-tickets cannot be re-issued at the station.


  • How do I read my RENFE print at home e-ticket?

    If you are traveling to Spain and have purchased a RENFE train ticket please be advised that RENFE train tickets are available in Spanish only.

    You can click here to view a quick guide that will assist you in reading your RENFE ticket.

  • I misplaced the printout of my print at home e-ticket. What now?

    No problem. You can simply reprint your train ticket from any printer, as long as you can still access the pdf provided to you at the time of purchase.

    You can find links to the pdf in the confirmation email sent to you. Or if you’ve registered for an online account, you can access the order in which the pdf link was contained in the order history tab.

    The only exceptions are if you purchased a Thalys or NTV-Italo print at home e-ticket. Those pdf’s are sent in separate emails and can’t be retrieved online at this time.

    If you request to have your train ticket reprinted at a station ticket window, there may be a local service fee.

  • I bought a print at home e-ticket but now don’t have access to a printer to print it. What should I do?

    Only French e-tickets for a trip originating from France can be printed at the train station using a self-service kiosk. You would then use the e-ticket confirmation number indicated on your Rail Europe invoice to retrieve your ticket.

    If you’re traveling on Eurostar, your ticket may be printed at the Eurostar desk at the station of departure, but a fee may be charged.

    Other types of print at home e-tickets cannot be printed at the station. Your best bet is to find an internet cafe or self-service print shop where you can go online and print your e-ticket.