Getting to the station

  • I just landed in Europe. How do I get to the train station from the airport?

    Whether you’re going straight to a train or to your hotel, you’ll generally find public transportation options from the airport to the center of town, where most train stations are located. Below is a list of airports that have rail connections (train or local subway/metro) to the main rail station:


    • Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
      • 15 minute train trip to Amsterdam Central Station
    • Stockholm Arlanda Airport
      • 20 minute train trip to Stockholm Central Station
    • Barcelona Airport
      • 30 minute train to Barcelona Sants Station
    • Berlin Schoenefeld Airport
    • Birmingham International Airport
      • 12-15 minute train trip to Birmingham New Street Station
    • Brussels Airport
      • 28 minute train trip to Brussels Zuid/Midi Station
    • Cologne Airport
      • 15 minute train trip to Cologne Central Station
    • Copenhagen Kastrup Airport
      • 14 minute train trip from Copenhagne Airport to Copenhagen Central Station
    • Geneva Cointrin International Airport
      • 7 minute train trip to the Geneva City Central Staton
    • Glasgow Prestwick Airport
      • 1 mile bus or taxi trip to Paisley Gilmour Station and then a 12-15 minte train trip to Glasgow
    • London Gatwick Airport
      • 30 minute train trip to London Victoria Station
    • London Heathrow Airport
      • 15 - 27 minute train trip to London Paddington Station
    • Luton Airport
      • 45 minute train trip to to London St. Pancras Station
    • Madrid-Barajas Airport
      • 12 minute metro trip to Madrid Nuesvos Ministerios Metro Station
    • Malaga Airport
      • 10 minute train trip to Malaga Torremolinos Station
    • Munich International Airport
      • 41 - 46 minute train trip to Munich Main Train Station
    • Oslo Gardermoen Airport
      • 19 - 22 minutes train trip to Oslo S Station
    • Paris Orly Airport
      • 24 minutes train trip to Paris Austerlitz Station
    • Paris Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport
      • 30 minute train trip to Paris Gare du Nord Station
    • Porto – Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport
      • 7-10 minute metro trip to Porto City Center Station
    • Rome Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino Airport
      • 30 minute train trip to Rome Termini Station
    • Stansted Airport
      • 47 minute train trip to London Liverpool Station
    • Stuttgart Echterdingen Airport
      • 30 minute train trip to Stuttgart Central
    • Zurich Airport
      • 10 - 14 minute train trip to Zurich Central Station

    Many other European airports have buses to the central or main rail stations. There are typically a minimum of two departures per hour, and travel times can vary from 15 minutes – 55 minutes depending on the city (and of course traffic en-route to the city center).

    You can always check directly with your arrival airport for specific information regarding transfers to the city center. Most airports have websites with information on where to go to find a train or bus connection to the downtown area.

    In addition, we encourage you to visit our Train Station pages to view information about services at the station and what airport links are available, if any, for a particular city.


  • Can I get the address and phone number for the train station?

    We offer specific train station information and Google maps with approximate locations of many of the most popular train stations in Europe.

    Please visit our question "What other types of services are available at the station? " for more specifics.

    In general, you’ll find that stations are centrally located and conveniently reached via public transportation and most airport-to-city links.


  • How do I connect between train stations in the same city?

    There is often an easy connection by public transportation between train stations within the same city or town. Here’s a quick overview of the most popular station-to-station connections for your reference.

  • I am taking a cruise while in Europe. How do I connect between the train station and port of call?

    Traveling between a port and a train station is usually simple. Sometimes, getting between the two is an easy walk. And in other cases, it’s best to take a taxi, bus or train.

    Here’s more information on the travel options between the most popular stations and ports.