Booking with Rail Europe on a mobile device

  • What products can I book on the Rail Europe mobile site/iPhone app?

    The mobile site and iPhone app allows for train tickets and reservations to be purchased. If you’re using our mobile site or iPhone app while in Europe, only train tickets that are eligible for electronic delivery (pint at home or print at the station e-tickets) can be sold through the app, as we don’t ship paper tickets to Europe.

    Rail passes are not offered through our mobile site or iPhone app at this time. If you would like to book a rail pass, please use our desktop website.


  • Can I book train tickets from the mobile site/iPhone app while I’m traveling in Europe?

    Yes – however, the mobile site/iPhone app only allows for e-tickets to be purchased. If the train ticket you’re looking to purchase isn’t available as an e-ticket, you will need to purchase your ticket locally at the rail station.

  • Is there a cut-off time for making a reservation on the mobile site?

    Generally, print at station e-tickets can be purchased up to two hours prior to the train departure time.

    Print at home e-tickets can also be purchased up to two hours prior to the train departure time. When selecting the print at home option while in Europe, make sure you have access to a printer to retrieve your train tickets.



  • Why can’t you always purchase tickets directly from the Rail Europe mobile site/iPhone app?

    If a ticket you’re trying to purchase isn’t available as an e-ticket and you’re in Europe, you will not be able to purchase it via the Rail Europe mobile site/iPhone app. At this time, the mobile site and iPhone app allows only for e-tickets to be purchased while you’re in Europe because e-tickets allow instant delivery of your travel document, whereas we don’t ship paper tickets to Europe.

    If the ticket you’d like to purchase can’t be sold through the app or mobile site and you’re already in Europe, your best bet is to purchase it locally at the train station.

  • I’m trying to use the mobile site/ iPhone app, but it’s not working. How can I get assistance?

    If they’re not working, you may want to try uninstalling by holding down the app until it starts to shake and an X appears to delete the App. Once the App has been deleted, visit iTunes to download and re-install the Rail Europe mobile app. For immediate assistance visit our full site or call our contact center.

  • I bought rail tickets on your mobile site/ iPhone app. Will they show up in my booking history on your website?

    At this time, you can view products you bought from our mobile site, but not from our iPhone app in your booking history. You can only view details for products purchased on the iPhone app on the app itself.

  • Can I pull up my rail itinerary using the mobile site or iPhone app, even if I didn’t book my products using them?

    Yes. But only if you booked your trips through our desktop website and you were signed in to your account at the time when you placed you booking. Then simply use your website login to enter our mobile site or iPhone app, and you’ll be able to see all the trips you booked through Rail Europe.

  • Can I exchange or refund a trip with the mobile site/iPhone app?

    At this time, exchanges and refunds are not possible from our mobile site and app.

    Exchanges and refunds must be done on our full website when possible, or via our contact center. You may call us at 1-800-622-8600 in the USA and 1-800-361-RAIL (7245) in Canada to complete the exchange or for refund information. Please refer to your after sales information for each product for eligibility on refunds or exchanges.

  • What kind of special advisories will the Rail Europe app notify me about?

    The special advisories you may receive via the Rail Europe app are notifications of holidays and cultural events pertaining to your itinerary, as well as potential traffic interruptions to help you plan ahead.