All You Need to Know About Prem’s Tickets & How to Book Them


Prem’s Tickets Overview

You may be wondering what a Prem’s ticket is – perhaps during some research for your train travels you came across the term and were unsure what it meant, and whether, as a North American, you were entitled to these special tickets. Let us shed some light on the Prem’s topic for you with the basics below!

What is a Prem’s Ticket?

A Prem’s ticket is an advance-purchase fare on trains in France (all trains in France that require reservations) that will give you significant savings over regular published fares on these trains. These fares are available for purchase 90-days in advance, and sell out very quickly – so you can’t hesitate, if you want the best rate you need to book as soon as possible.

Are there special terms of use associated with Prem’s Tickets?

Prem’s tickets are available for purchase 90 days in advance, and typically must be booked at least 14-days from your desired travel date. It is very important to note that ALL Prem’s tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. You will find that some TGV trains offer Prem’s tickets for weekend travel and these can be booked within 14-days of the travel date. Please note that international TGV trains between France and Germany require a 10-day advance purchase, and Thalys trains have advance-purchase intervals of 30-days, 10-days and 5-days.

How big of a discount is offered with a Prem’s ticket?

When you book a Prem’s ticket, you can be saving as much as 75% off the regular published fare. If you are set in your travel plans, it is worth taking advantage of these fares as the savings are pretty significant.

What routes are Prem’s Tickets offered on?

Prem’s tickets are offered on all trains in France that require reservations – this is inclusive of TGV, Intercités and Intercités de Nuit Trains. In addition, international trains out of France also offer Prem’s fares, these services include international TGV trains to and from Brussels, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Thalys trains also offer these special Prem’s fares.

Some of the most popular routes for Prem’s tickets include:

How can I be sure I’m booking a Prem’s Ticket?

While our site does offer Prem’s Tickets, it is not a included as a special fare category with Economy, Comfort & Premier. So how do you know if you are booking a Prem’s ticket? When you are looking at the schedule results page, you will see various fares listed. Click on View to see the fare rules. Next, look under Ticket Flexibility – here you’ll be looking for the Non Flexible option. Simply click the ‘read more’ link next to the Non Flexible option and in the description of the fare, you will see that the fare name will include ‘Book Early’. This is how you will know that the ticket you are looking at is a Prem’s ticket (of course, the reduced rate will also give you a little hint that it is a Prem’s ticket). Please note that you will not see Prem’s verbiage in the description of the fare rules. Prem’s tickets are considered to be book early fares and this is how they are categorized on the website.