How do I retrieve my print at the station e-tickets at the German train stations?

Learn about German Print at the Station tickets.
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German ticket number
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Identify with Order Number
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We also offer a printable version of these instructions.

Proceed to the self-service kiosks available in the German train stations. For English, click on the UK flag located on the bottom of the screen.


  • Note: If retrieving from a kiosk at a Regional-Station (S-Bahn) (example: Frankfurt Airport) please click on the "DB" button
  • If retrieving from a kiosk issuing mainly long-distance tickets, or after selecting "DB BAHN" from a regional kiosk, select "All Offers" to get to the correct prompts to retrieve your ticket.
  • In the selection menu on the screen, please press “Pre-booked tickets".
  • On the next screen, select “Collection of Pre-booked tickets”.
  • On the following screen, select “Identification with Order Number”.
  • Enter your e-ticket confirmation code or PNR, which is a 6-9 digit number combination unique to your trip, and is included in the email confirmation you receive from Rail Europe. If you’ve registered to the site, you may also find your e-ticket number in your order history tab, as well as in your itinerary on our mobile site. Select "Confirm" .
  • Click “Select”  for the first product on the screen; this is your ticket.
  • Select “Print Now” and retrieve the ticket(s).
  • You will automatically be brought to the next screen in order to “Select” your reservation.
  • Finally, select “Print Now” and retrieve the ticket(s).
  • Arrive at the train station at least 30 minutes prior to your departure time to allow enough time to print your tickets and board your train.