Just how premier is Premier Class?

Travel from Paris to Brussels on the red train.

The crème de la crème awaits you in Premier Class. Available only on trains offering the highest level of comfort and the best quality of service, these seats are for discerning travelers looking to enjoy a high-end travel experience. Benefits start with a complimentary meal served at your seat or in a dedicated buffet car, but extend well beyond to luxurious accommodations and station amenities.

For example, with Eurostar Business Premier, AVE Club Class or TGV First Class, you’ll enjoy generous legroom in spacious, sophisticated and quiet coaches. On British trains all Premier tickets include free WiFi. Premier tickets for RENFE night trains and TGV trains offer access to first class lounges at the train station. If traveling overnight, enjoy a double or single deluxe  compartment, which includes your own shower and bathroom for an unrivaled level of comfort and privacy.

The range of services across all train companies is vast and varied – from free magazines and drinks to concierge services. When booking, simply click the “details” button below the Premier fare to see a detailed description of the deluxe services you can expect. Plus, you’ll often find exclusive perks start before you even board the train, like access to lounges and priority check-in.