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We have put together a collection of videos to help answer your most frequently asked questions about train travel in Europe. Topics range from traveling with train tickets & passes to what to do with your luggage on the train.



Learn more about Eurostar trains.




Learn more about Eurostar train stations and check-in procedures.




Learn more about the classes of service offered on Eurostar trains.




Learn how to build an itinerary with connecting trains in Europe.



Learn about the German Rail Pass and Tickets for Travel in Germany.




Explore the train reservation categories offered by Rail Europe.




Get details on printing e-tickets for trains in Europe both at the station & home.




Food on European Trains – Watch this video to see what options are available.




Taking an overnight train in Europe? Learn all about sleeping accommodations in this video.




View this video for tips on how early you should arrive at the train station, activating tickets & passes, and more!




Watch this video to learn all about Rail Europe's Rail Protection Plan.




From suitcases & backpacks to carry-ons, watch to learn about luggage storage & limits on trains in Europe. 




Watch this video to learn about amenities & services available on trains in Europe.




Learn more about refunds & exchanges on tickets & passes booked with Rail Europe in this video.