What’s Comfort Class like?

Comfort Class is train speak for first class. This enhanced travel experience is possible because there are fewer seats (and therefore, fewer travelers) in the Comfort cabin. This makes for a quieter, more spacious ride that includes wider seats and more legroom than Economy Class.

Your accommodations can be in compartments for 5 or 6 people or in “airplane-style” open space seating, 3-across separated by an aisle. These restful, cushioned seats are usually covered in comfortable fabric or leather. Most have reading lights, and many of them offer country specific outlets that can be used with adapters. If traveling overnight, these fares usually provide a one, two or four-bed sleeping compartment.

Each train may offer additional services and amenities to travelers with a Comfort Class ticket. For instance, the Renfe train gives a personal audio-visual system at every seat whereas the Eurostar offers a light meal. For a detailed description of the services and amenities on specific trains, click on the “more information” link below the short train description when you review the fares and schedules option in our booking engine. Or simply visit our train pages.

Typically, Comfort Class is not significantly more expensive than Economy making it an even greater value. So go on, treat yourself. It’s your vacation.