What’s Economy Class like?

Don’t be put off by the words “economy” or “second class.” You won’t have to stand or ride along with a rooster. 

Similar to a coach ticket on an airline you’ll get excellent value, a comfortable seat, spectacular views and a smooth ride. Accommodations can vary, from compartments with 6 seats (up to 8 seats in some Eastern European countries) to “airplane-style” open space seating with 2 side-by-side seats on either side of an aisle. Seats are usually cloth, but may also be plastic covered in certain older cars or countries. There will be plenty of rack space to store your luggage, both overhead and at the end of the car. And of course, there are bathrooms available. The cars are heated in winter and air conditioned in summer. And further refreshment is available from a dedicated bar car or trolley service with drinks and snacks. On overnight trains, Economy fares generally include reclining seats or a six-bed shared couchette compartment. When possible, Economy fares also include a reserved seat on board. If your train operates under an open seating policy, you can sit wherever you wish in Economy class.

Remember, amenities and services vary from one train to another, so make sure to review the detailed description when booking.