Eurail Select Pass: Benelux-Germany

  • Eurail Benelux-Germany Pass
    The beautiful Cologne Cathedral overlooks the Rhine River.
  • Eurail Benelux-Germany Pass
    Bruges, Belgium has many canals to explore on foot or by boat.
  • Eurail Benelux-Germany Pass
    The city of Amsterdam is composed of over 150 canals. © NBTC
  • Eurail Benelux-Germany Pass
    Get ready for the day ahead on-board the ICE train.
  • Eurail Benelux-Germany Pass
    Travel at speeds up to 200 mph on ICE trains.

Eurail Select Pass With Benelux & Germany Pass: A Foursome of Culture


The Eurail Select Pass including Benelux and Germany gives you extensive travel on the national rail networks of Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Germany, with your choice of first or second class travel for 4, 5, 6, 8 or 10 days of rail travel within a two-month period. Also offers saverpass discounts for 2 or more traveling together. You can also decide whether you’d prefer those travel days to be consecutive or non-consecutive. That’s the beauty of the Eurail Select Pass. It lets you travel in the same glorious time zone — yours.

You set the pace, whether it’s starting in the German capital of Berlin or the Belgian capital of Brussels for a heavy dose of gothic palaces. (You’ll find Belgium and Germany quite a popular pairing for sophisticated adventurers, as well as Germany and Holland.) And it would be unforgivable to overlook the rich museum scene of these art centers. There are literally hundreds of world-class museums in these cultural hubs just waiting outside your 21st century chariot. What isn’t waiting are crowded airports, lost reservations and wasted time trying to get to the center of things. You’ll also find added benefits on this pass as diverse as the countries it includes, from transportation bonuses to hotel discounts.

An itinerary based on the way you like to see things, but with the expertise to make the most of it. That’s the Eurail Select Pass from Rail Europe. In other words, it’s the perfect plan, the perfect pass, and just the perfect partner.

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