Eurail Select Pass: France-Spain

  • France
    The popular destination of Nice, France is part of the Cote d'Azur.
  • Spain
    Barcelona is both charming and historic.
  • France-Spain High Speed
    Enjoy first class comfort on the France-Spain High Speed.
  • France-Spain High Speed
    Travel from France to Spain has never been easier. © RENFE

Eurail Select Pass with France & Spain Pass: Ooh La to ¡Olé!


The Eurail Select Pass including France and Spain spans centuries and cultures, while letting you comfortably explore both. It gives you extensive travel on the national rail networks of France and Spain, with your choice of first or second class rail travel for 4, 5, 6, 8 or 10 days within a 2-month period. Saverpass discounts available for 2 or more traveling together. You can also decide whether you’d prefer those travel days to be consecutive or non-consecutive.

Imagine winding through breathtaking towns and villages without ever having to worry about gas prices, getting lost, or foreign languages. Just sit back and enjoy the surroundings that inspired artists from Renoir to El Greco. Steep yourself in the long and storied cultures of France and Spain filled with history and an obsessive love of beauty, as witnessed by architectural gems that include the Eiffel Tower and the Burgos Cathedral. From awe-inspiring Notre Dame to “Holy Toledo, did you see that fortress?!” -- this pass gives you access to visit the cities that offer it all.

Yet, no matter how fast the train is going, Rail Europe expertly helps tailor a vacation to your ideal pace, freeing you from the burden of meeting planes or catching signposts; where villagers await the arrival of the train with centuries old anticipation. (And so do the local merchants. You’ll find your pass is good for travel discounts on select ferries and hotels all over Spain and France.)

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