Eurail Select Pass: France-Switzerland

  • Lyon
    Travel to Lyon for views of the Pont Wilson and the Hôtel Dieu. © ATOUT FRANCE | Franck Charel
  • Switzerland
    Hike the trails of the Swiss mountains. © Switzerland Tourism
  • Paris
    Visit the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris.
  • TGV Lyria
    The TGV Lyria: Beautiful inside. Beautiful outside.
  • TGV Lyria
    Enjoy your favorite book, newspaper or just the company of other travelers. © SBB AG, Bern - Fotodienst

Eurail Select Pass with France & Switzerland: Gorgeous X 2

It would be difficult to imagine a combination of two more scenic places in the world. With the Eurail Select Pass including France and Switzerland, why imagine? It gives you extensive first class rail travel for adults and second class for youth travelers only on the national rail networks of France and Switzerland for 4, 5, 6, 8 or 10 days within a two-month period. Saverpass discounts available for 2 or more traveling together. And you can decide whether you’d prefer those days to be consecutive or non-consecutive.

Wherever your wanderlust wants to take you in Switzerland and France, this pass can accommodate: whether it’s the cosmopolitan cities and playgrounds of the rich like Cannes or Zurich, or the more rustic escapes of the Loire valley or Lausanne. From lavender-scented French meadows and renaissance buildings, to the awe-inspiring Swiss Alps and unspoiled mountaintop villages.

Travel by rail also allows more of the authentic France and Switzerland to be seen and experienced than you ever thought possible. You travel worry-free among friendly locals without any of the concerns of driving yourself on foreign roads. You get to appreciate the countryside, camera or wine glass in hand. No airport hassles or microscopic landscapes from 30,000 feet up, either. You get to really be a part of the culture you came to visit. And as if traveling by rail doesn’t have enough benefits of its own, your Eurail Select Pass comes with even more -- like travel discounts for popular scenic cruises and trains.

It’s trips like these that are why you work so hard. The Eurail Select Pass makes sure every penny you saved is well-spent and worth it.

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