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Eurail Norway Pass: Breathtakingly Beautiful Simplicity


There may not be a country better suited for rail travel than the splendor that is Norway. That’s why the Eurail Norway Pass is such a popular way to travel there. It gives you extensive second class travel on the national rail network of Norway, offering saver discounts for two or more traveling together and youth discounts with your choice of 3, 4, 5 or 8 days of rail travel within a one-month period. And you can decide whether you’d prefer those travel days to be consecutive or non-consecutive.

Abundant with arguably Europe’s most awe-inspiring forests, valleys, and snowcapped mountains, Norway is a scenic showcase craving a camera’s lens. Consider taking Norway rail to the dazzling fjords. Ice Age glaciers formed these breathtaking inlets, between cliffs or steep slopes. Why not experience a fjord cruise, or go hiking on a glacier? For modern contrast, begin your rail adventure in Oslo, the contemporary capital of Norway.

And, there’s nothing like the train to avoid the stress of road signs you can’t read and gas prices you don’t want to pay. Speaking of driving, have you ever played a round of golf at midnight? Trains in Norway can take you to where the sun is visible in the sky 24-hours a day. Talk about making the most of your daylight hours for sightseeing! And your pass will even get you additional travel discounts on other local attractions like buses and ferries.

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