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    Spend the day on the waters of Lake Bled. Courtesy of Matej Vranič/
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    Enjoy a view of Slovenia's capital city, Llubjana. Courtesy of B.Jakse, S.Jersic/
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    Ljubljana is a small-town friendly capital that’s a perfect base for all your travels. Courtesy of J.Skok/
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    Enjoy the scenery aboard the Eastern European Trains.

Eurail Slovenia Pass: Fairytale Views, Real Savings

Slovenia is part alpine, part Mediterranean, and all worth seeing. That’s what makes the Eurail Slovenia Pass so perfect. It gives you extensive travel on the national rail network of Slovenia. Available for 3, 4, 5 or 8 days of train travel within a one-month period in first or second class. You can also decide whether you’d prefer those travel days to be consecutive or non-consecutive. Discounted rates are available for Youth, and the saver pass option offers discounts for two or more traveling together.

Often called “Europe in miniature”, Slovenia boasts a geographical diversity that includes abundant beaches, snow-capped mountains, sunflower meadows and beloved vineyards. Bordering on Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia also make it a cultural crossroads and fascinating destination.

Any trip to Slovenia must include Ljubljana, its stunning capital city. The artistic and physical center of the country, it’s located between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea. Trains from Ljubjanica can be international, but make sure you don’t leave Slovenia without a visit to Bled Castle, Slovenia’s oldest, within the gaze of the Julian Alps. Or take Slovenia trains practically anywhere to encounter bucolic, pristine landscapes.

Traveling with the rail pass permits you to be free of driving, gas prices and local ticket counter lines. And, there is no more authentic immersion experience than taking the train and engaging with locals traveling the same way you are. So make sure you get a Eurail Slovenia Pass. Like the country today, it’s all about going wherever you want surrounded by jaw-dropping beauty. How great is that?

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