Sognefjord In A Nutshell

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    An exciting adventure awaits.

A fjord 128 miles long? Be glad you’re not driving.

The Sognefjord in Norway isn’t just the world’s longest fjord, it’s one of the most exquisite. In fact, a leading national adventure magazine recently named it one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the entire world.

At Rail Europe, we think that deserves special treatment. That’s why we offer The Sognefjord in a Nutshell, one of our most special passes with your choice of three itineraries to travel on. The Sognefjord In a Nutshell lets you see more of Sognefjord, using circular routes to make the most of ancient, awe-inspiring vistas in Western Norway.

With a combination of mountain rail and expressboat to take you through the waterways of the Sognefjord, there’s no better way to see more or more up-close. It’s another Rail Europe Experience that will leave you breathless. (We thought we’d mention that, just in case you thought it was the altitude.)

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