Swiss Transfer Ticket

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    Add the Matterhorn to your list of Swiss winter destinations. © Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn
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    Travel in comfort through the Swiss countryside. © zb Zentralbahn AG

Could leaving Switzerland ever be as easy as getting there?

Perfect for holiday trip to/from Swiss airport/border to a Swiss destination.

With all the natural splendor, warmth of the people, and breathtaking village scenes right out of your dreams, leaving Switzerland isn’t easy. Though Rail Europe has made it a little less painful. The Swiss Transfer Ticket provides round-trip travel from any Swiss airport or border town to a single Swiss destination for less money than train tickets. It’s often used for travelers staying in one location that just need a simple way in and out, and often at the winter holidays.

It’s not only a cost effective way to come and go, but convenient- taking the stress out of the who-what-when and where of traveling. Not to mention the eliminated burden of airport runs. You could always count on Rail Europe to know what it takes to make a vacation start before you arrive. But who knew they could also make leaving it as bearable as possible?

And now the Swiss Transfer Ticket is also offered as a print at home product. When you select the e-pass option, you will be sent an email confirmation. You will then receive a PDF of your Swiss Transfer Ticket in a separate email. Just open the PDF, print the pass and show to the conductor on the trains along with your passport or ID card.

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