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About this journey The average travel time between Pisa and Ventimiglia is 4h24 minutes. The quickest route is 4h24 minutes. The first train leaving Pisa is at 19:02, the last at . There is an average of 1 trains a day between Pisa and Ventimiglia, leaving approximately every -2J 16h minutes.
  • Departure station : Pisa centrale (Piazza della Stazione 56125 Pisa)

Fix your slanted view of Pisa

Fix your slanted view of Pisa You've seen the pictures of tourists, who come to Pisa to have their arms "push" the Leaning Tower back into place. Once photo is taken, some climb the 294-step spiral staircase to the belfry. And then, that's it. The hoards leave having seen something from their "bucket list," and head back on the train to the rest of the Tuscany region. It's probably because it's so easy to get here. Just over an hour away from Florence, you hop out of the train station and you can be in the center of Pisa within minutes. But don't just run to the tower. There's plenty more here that will ring your bell. The city has nearly 90,000 residents – so there's "life" to Pisa, especially because of its great university and one of Italy's top schools. Since 1343, the curriculum has focused on "big" ideas: science, engineering, aerospace. Seeing that the city is also birthplace to the great astronomer and physicist Galileo Galilei, this makes complete sense – even if his madcap idea about the Earth revolving around the sun did not Miracles do happen, and the world came around to the scholar's scientific discoveries (although a little late for Galileo). You too can be surrounded by a miracle – at the Piazza dei Miracoli, also known as the Piazza del Duomo. This is actually the compound next to the tippy tower and includes the Cathedral, Baptistry and the Camposanto Monumentale (monumental cemetary.) The entire square is a UNESCO heritage site, and is considered a main center for medieval art in the world. Learn more about Pisa

Ventimiglia, typically italian Ventimiglia is located in the northwestern part of Italy, a few kilometres away from the french border. Facing the Mediterranean sea, it is a small 26.000 inhabitants city offering sandy beaches and wonderful landscapes. Experience the Dolce Vita in Ventimiglia. Learn more about Ventimiglia


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N°: 518
19:02 23:26 04:24 Direct 1 1 1 1 1 1 0

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