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About this journey The average travel time between Belgrade and Bucharest is 0J 00h minutes. The quickest route is 69J 10h minutes. The first train leaving Belgrade is at , the last at . There is an average of 0 trains a day between Belgrade and Bucharest, leaving approximately every 0J 00h minutes.

Home to the new Bohemians

Home to the new Bohemians Belgrade (known locally as Beograd), the "White City," has been demolished and rebuilt nearly 40 times in its history. How can a city endure such conflict and still survive? The answer is in the resilient Serbian people. This is an amazing country, loaded with more than museums and churches – although you will find plenty of them. This is a place where people gather to eat, talk, fish and feel fancy-free. Serbia isn't the land of high-tech, high-speed trains. But the ride is pleasant and comfortable, with scenery to behold and locals to banter with. It will take a bit over six hours from Zagreb, Croatia. Nearly nine from Skopje, Macedonia. With a Balkan Flexipass you can visit this area that truly is the cradle of European civilization. Learn more about Belgrade

Gets a perfect score from this American judge

Gets a perfect score from this American judge You want to see the Arc de Triomphe on a budget. You like vampires and lithe tumbling Olympians. Perhaps you thought your flight was going to Hungary. Whichever your reasons for visiting Bucharest, you're in for a treat! Known as little Paris, Bucharest is the 6th largest city in the European Union, featuring its own Triumphal Arch (Arcul de Triumf) with Calea Victoriei (Victory Avenue) – the city's main drag lined with museums, hotels and restaurants - leading up to the monument. Both cosmopolitan and eclectic, its architecture is a mix of traditional Romanian buildings, Byzantine churches and buildings influenced by French architects. Learn more about Bucharest


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