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About this journey The average travel time between Turin and Macon is 4h17 minutes. The quickest route is 4h17 minutes. The first train leaving Turin is at 10:15, the last at . There is an average of 1 trains a day between Turin and Macon, leaving approximately every -1J 07h minutes.
  • Departure station : Torino porta susa (Corso Inghilterra, 25b 10138 Torino)
  • Arrival station : Macon loche tgv ( )

Lifting the shroud in Piedmont

Lifting the shroud in Piedmont Turin is the automotive capital of Italy. And although we may poo-poo the Fiat, the Turinese take pride in their sporty little wheels (The "T" in Fiat stands for Turin.) This industrial city has created more than little engines that could, and is famous for much more than a sacred cloth. Turin is also the birthplace of gianduja –mouthwatering hazelnut chocolate, of lecca lecca – the lollipop, and of Vermouth (hence, also the Martini – although this is up for debate). So why don't more people visit? Famous architect Le Corbusier defined Turin as "the city with the most beautiful natural location in the world." Set in the Piedmont region of northwest Italy and surrounded by the magnificent Alps, this was the perfect setting for the 2006 Winter Olympics. The event helped bring Turin to the tourist forefront of Italy. But with a Eurail Italy Pass or even a Eurail France-Italy Pass (the French border is but an hour away) you can stop for a day or two and soak up the sophisticated, aristocratic atmosphere. And with Trenitalia and Italo train service, it’s never been easier. Both trains get you there in style and comfort. For many, there is one word that defines Turin – and that's "shroud." People wonder, "Medieval Forgery? True image of Jesus of Nazareth?" The intense debate continues. Damage caused by a fire in 1532 was painstakingly restored to this mysterious cloth in 2002. But this controversial "restoration" considerably altered the cloth's appearance. Adding to the authenticity argument, it has been announced that no further scientific examination would be permitted. Every few decades, the "original" shroud is on display. And while it's been put away now until 2025, you can still see a replica at the Museo della Sindone. The on-site museum features the history of the shroud and many photographs, some of which are life-sized and larger than life. Learn more about Turin

Macon, the beauty of Burgundy is waiting for you The lovely city of Macon, known as Matisco when it was founded back to the 2nd century BC, is located in Burgundy (Southwestern part of France). It offers an impressive cultural heritage and provides beautiful landscapes. Learn more about Macon


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  Dep. Arr. Duration Change(s) MO TU WE TH FR SA SU
N°: 9244
Services for disabled persons A bar is available
10:15 14:32 04:17 Direct 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
  Dep. Arr. Duration Change(s) MO TU WE TH FR SA SU
N°: 9241
Services for disabled persons A bar is available
09:26 13:28 04:02 Direct 1 1 1 1 1 0 0

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