TGV Lyria

TGV Lyria


The TGV Lyria: The France-Switzerland cultural connection.

  • Paris - Zurich: 04:03
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TGV Lyria train


TGV Lyria

Discover the wonder of France and Switzerland with TGV Lyria. This high speed French train runs between Paris, Lausanne, Bern, Geneva, Zurich, and Basel, with an additional route between Geneva and Marseille, Avignon, and Aix en Provence.

All France to Switzerland trains feature crisp, redesigned interiors and new seating. TGV Lyria provides comfort in all classes, to match all travel budgets.

On-board messages are recorded in French, German, and English for added convenience. Handicapped facilities allow TGV Lyria to cater to all travelers. And these family- friendly trains are completely non-smoking. Parents of little ones will even find an on-board nursery with a dressing table and bottle warmer in the bar-buffet car. Babies aren’t the only ones have an appetite while traveling – TGV Lyria has got you covered with delicious foods available for purchase in the bar car including a large assortment of tasty meals, sandwiches, desserts, and beverages.

If your next European adventure takes you on a journey from Paris to Switzerland, the Lyria service delivers. It has everything to ensure that your experience delivers on your expectations the way France and Switzerland surely will.

Practical information

While there are no formal pre-boarding check-in procedures for this train, please be sure to board your train at least 2 minutes prior to to the train’s scheduled departure time. Within 2-minutes of departure, boarding may not be permitted.
You will need your ticket, passport, and any other travel documents on-board the TGV Lyria train for Ticket Controllers to inspect. Please be advised that police and customs checks will take occur at national borders.

Paper ticket

Receive your ticket directly to your address. Just take them with you and you are ready to travel. Shipping fees apply.

Print @ home

Print your ticket anywhere and anytime before your travel. Skip shipping fees.

Printing guide

Print @ Station (from France)

Go to a self-service ticket machine and enter your reference to retrieve your ticket. Skip shipping fees.

Printing guide

Booking :
  • TGV Lyria tickets are open for booking 120 days ahead.
  • Get the lowest prices by booking early and don’t wait until the last minute as cheaper seats sell the fastest.
  • Opt for off-peak trains when you have to travel short notice. They are more affordable than morning and evening trains along with those running on holiday eves, Friday and Sunday afternoon.

A class apart

Classes of service

Services & amenities offered by TGV Lyria
Second class First class
Generous legroom Watch rolling landscapes pass with room to stretch your legs.
Power sockets Keep your phone, laptop, or other devices charged while sitting in your seat.
Reserve a private car service* Have a private driver waiting for you upon arrival at your destination by pre-booking.
Lounge access Access to the SNCF Grand Voyageur Lounge at Paris Gare de Lyon (except for groups).
At-seat concessions An at-seat sale service is available offering a range of quality products for passengers to purchase.
Bar buffet car Choose from a variety of tasty snacks and beverages, for purchase, to enjoy on your journey.
Spacious seats Make yourself at home as you journey from one city to the next in a comfy reclining seat with headrest.

*This service is only for BUSINESS 1st class (1ÈRE)

Reviews & ratings

  • Value for money
    Very good option  | Sandra g. | 2017/03/01
    "It was a very good journey. The train was comfortable, the attendants were friendly. Service on board was perfect including the breakfast, which was delicious. "

  • Value for money
    Better than flying | Matthew v. | 2017/02/28
    "Coming from Australia I assumed flights would be far better than trains but having the stations right in the centre of the city made it much more convenient and easier to manage without a phone. The train was smooth and quick. "

  • Value for money
    VERY GOOD TRIP  | Buddike Eranga b. | 2017/02/22

  • Value for money
    Wi-Fi  | Feras a. | 2017/02/16
    "I wish there was Wi-Fi service in the train. "

  • Value for money
    Pleasant trip | Johannes w. | 2017/02/14
    "Pleasant ride but there was a 30 minute delay for unknown reason. Food service was good including refills. Appreciate taxi ordering service before reaching Gare de Lyon. "

  • Value for money
    First Time to Use Rail Europe | Maricar c. | 2017/02/14
    "Everything was excellent. Thank you for the wonderful service. "

  • Value for money
    awesome | Shih Yuin l. | 2017/01/25
    "it was awesome taking the train from lyon to geneva "

  • Value for money
    Paris to Geneva delight | Pieter v. | 2017/01/23
    "Always a pleasure to travel in luxury, comfort and with excellent service. "

  • Value for money
    Paris to Basel | David m. | 2017/01/15
    "So easy and great price "

  • Value for money
    Fast and direct  | Tressa h. | 2017/01/08
    "The train was full but comfortable. Enjoyed a snack in the food car. The view was wonderful and was happy it was a direct run. "

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